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Kareena Reveals Saif Helped Her Fall In Love With Herself And We Are Going Aww

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Often, we can be led into thinking we know everything about celebrities. From their love life to where they gym. But turns out, that isn’t entirely the case. As we discovered recently with this Kareena Kapoor post on the page Humans of Bombay where the actress revealed a side of hers we’d never seen before.

She spoke about how Saif had helped her at a time when she was rather lost in her heart-melting post, “It started out great–I did amazing films. But then for a year I didn’t work. I felt like my career was over; I was told to ‘re-invent’, become size 0. Everyone goes through a lull in their career. But as an actor, it’s worse–there are so many eyes on you! Somehow through my life, I’ve been blessed with people who have supported me thoroughly! So just when I thought I was falling, Saif caught me.”

From body shaming to a lull in her career, it couldn’t have been an easy time for her and the actress revealed how Saif was there to make things easier for her. To help her find herself and to heal. “He’s 10 years older than me and has 2 kids. But for me, he was just Saif–he helped me heal & love myself. Maybe it was the fact that we’re so different–he’s more private & not ‘Bollywoodised’, but I imbibed that from him. I learnt to balance things and not let them get to me.”

It’s amazing falling in love with someone who fills you with so much positivity and makes you fall in love with yourself. Does it matter if they are older or younger than you? Age, caste, culture and all different ways in which society tries to judge you, can get to us and the pressure is so much more when you’re a celeb. She revealed how effortlessly they bonded, “I’d met him before, but while we were filming Tashan, something changed. I wore my heart on my sleeve! He was so charming; I fell for him hook, line and sinker.”

Clearly, marriage and motherhood has been really great for Kareena and we’re so glad! She wrote in her post how she didn’t have to choose between moving ahead in the professional sphere and her personal life, which is exactly how it should be. She says, “I’m at a stage in my life where I don’t have to choose between career and family. I’m doing both. I’m an actor but through all the ups and downs I’ve been a sister, a wife, a mom & none of these roles have deterred me. In fact, it’s put me on the right path. My dreams have gotten bigger–there’s much more to achieve. As an actor, and as a woman.”

We love how they have helped each other grow and if that’s not love then what is?


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