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Is Your Sexual Compatibility With Him *Palang Tod*? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

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We follow tons of couples on Instagram to give us inspiration. From travel goals to couple goals, we have all the benchmarks set and sorted. But when it comes to sex, what do we have to compare against? Our ex partners? But who wants to think about the bygones?  And honestly, porn hasn’t been setting any realistic goals for any of us.

Is your sexual chemistry shooting through the roof? Or is it just a tad bit warmer than the North pole? Take this sexual compatibility quiz to find out if your sex life is amazing or kinda sucks.


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Mostly As

You both are on fire! Sexual compatibility like yours is hard to find. You both believe in experimenting in bed and giving your 100% in whatever you do. Sex positions, sex toys and a lot of kink makes you a completely satisfied couple in bed! You love getting it on with him, and no matter how much sex you have, it doesn’t feel enough. When you look at him, it’s so difficult to not undress him in your head. This is what palang tod chemistry is all about!

Mostly Bs

You may not fit like hand-in-glove but you both share an insane amount of sexual tension. Some nights are better than the others, but you do end up making the most of what is. And the best part is that you are keen on making it better. Make it a practice to be more communicative about your desires with each other. It will help you to fill that gap!

Mostly Cs

If you prefer a vibrator over your bae, we wonder why you haven’t done anything about it yet. Sexual satisfaction is important, both for your relationship and your health. So, if he is not disposable, you may want to put efforts into giving your sex life a makeover. Seek professional help if needed. No, bad sex is not better than no sex. It just kills your libido further. Fix it or toss it!


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