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Is Your Guy Having An Emotional Affair? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

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Have you been experiencing a lull in your relationship lately? Does it feel like it has to do a lot more with someone else than you? You’ve been feeling insecure and you aren’t entirely sure if it’s just you or if he’s actually giving you reason to doubt him. The thing with emotional cheaters is that they may make you believe that they are not cheating, because hey, they aren’t having sex outside the relationship. They will make you believe that the friendship you are suspecting to be a lot more, is as a matter of fact, just friendship. But investing in another person, when he should be emotionally investing in you, isn’t justified. And is kind of cheating as well.  So how do you know for sure? Take this quiz to find out if your man is having an emotional affair!







Mostly As

Now being rational humans, or so we’d like to believe, we can’t come to a conclusion that he is certainly having an emotional affair, on the basis of this quiz alone. But consider this as a major, big bloody red flag! It calls for an immediate intervention where you confront him and get your answers. If he says he is clean but you can’t get yourself to trust him, then it’s still a problem. Have an honest chat and see if you can work this out. Because such behaviour isn’t healthy!

Mostly Bs

He is most likely not having an emotional affair. But definitely, the spark in your relationship has kind of died down and you don’t know how to fix it. Which is why, it’s time for both of you to have a discussion on how to restore the passion in your relationship. In long term relationships, it’s common to reach a point where things become stagnant, which is when you take the effort to make things fun again! Plan dates, schedule sex and start being as affectionate as you were when you first began dating.

Mostly Cs

We don’t even know why you took this quiz, because congratulations, all’s well in your love life! However, if you feel that you have been insecure lately, introspect and then talk it out with him. But otherwise, there’s so much love between you. If you still think something is wrong, maybe you should be more trusting of him. He’s not going anywhere and isn’t that fabulous?


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