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Is Your Boyfriend Selfish In Bed? Here’s What To Do About It

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You’ve been looking forward to a steamin’ hot sesh of sex. Your day was so hectic, you wouldn’t mind a little loving. A lot of sexting with your bae throughout the day has been making you even hotter. And then you’re finally in bed with him, things are getting steamy and you’ve been anticipating an explosive, mind-blowing orgasm. The boyfriend, however, has other ideas and before things can get fun for you, he’s climaxed. You assume there’ll be a round two, but he sleeps off. You’ve been left high and, well, wet. It can’t be fun. Pleasure is a two way street and if your sex life look like this, then your boyfriend is selfish in bed. While it could be one off, if it happens too often and you’re often left unsatisfied while he seems to turn around and falls asleep, you need to talk to him. Here’s what you can do to fix a situation where it’s all about him.

Speak up

He may not even be aware of your feelings. Use positive communication and let him know what you’d want him to do during sex. He probably is not good at gauging your desires. Speaking up about your expectations will help clear the air, and he will know how exactly you like to be pleased.

Establish turn-taking

A healthy give and take is very important in a relationship and he should know that. Go ahead and establish rules. You cannot focus on his pleasure alone. Maybe start with him giving you an arousing massage before it’s his turn to get pleasured.

Make your pleasure a priority

Most men find themselves drained of energy and stamina after climaxing. Which is why, communicate with him that both of you need to work on your orgasm first. If you find reaching a simultaneous climax together a difficult task, do you before him!

Put your foot down

If he happens to be taking you lightly, show him that this is no joke to you. Put your foot down and refuse to indulge in any sesh that serves just him. He will come around (pun not intended).

If everything fails, go to a counsellor

Sexual satisfaction is key in any relationship. Have a discussion with him about consulting a therapist together. There can be several underlying factors behind such behaviour. Get to the root of it!


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