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How To Plan Budget-Friendly Dates For The End Of The Month

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The thing about love is that you can’t keep saying it without backing it up with action. Planning dates then, becomes essential, almost mandatory to prove your love. Now while you do want to indulge your boyfriend with a dinner out or a romantic getaway, all of this requires money. Which can be in short supply towards the end of the month. So what do you do when you want to spend some time together but also don’t want to end up with an empty wallet? We have a few options for you. In fact, some of the most romantic things you can do are free. No, there is no fine print. This is legit!

Make A Delicious Grand Gesture

No, no we are not talking about a collection of songs or movies on a memory stick. Leave that to the high school kids! Up your game as you work your way to your partner’s heart through food. Choose a gourmet food service or a special home pop-up to try something new. We all know about the connection between food and our mood. Towards the end of the month, stop romanticising instant noodles, get on with adulting and experiment with grown-up food.

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Get a priceless gift you both can enjoy!

Adopt a pet. No, don’t get a fish bowl. Adopt a pup or a kitten. You can rescue a pup for free (there is always someone on WhatsApp looking for people who are willing to adopt so that’s the easy part) and you only need to shell out for vaccines and food and stuff. But, you can’t put a price to unconditional love.  And if you do have it, you can probably push it to next month!

Ready to take your relationship to the next level?

How about a little quiz to seal your love? Ever tried the famous 36 Questions that lead to love? They claim that the quiz is designed to help you fall in love with anyone. If it can help explore the possibility of intimacy between strangers, we think it is the recipe for falling in love. All you need is a phone and some Wi-Fi for looking up the list of questions and some space to look into each other’s eyes and feel the love!

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Dinner Under The Stars

It doesn’t get better than camping under the stars to set the mood for a celebration. Look up any of the tent camps near your city and hit the road. Enjoy the camp fire, the barbecue dinner and then sneak away for some stargazing and a romantic evening. It’ll certainly cost you less than a dinner at a fancy 5-star.

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Give back!

There are a lot of NGOs looking for volunteers and we all know that a couple that does things together, grows together. You can work with animals or street kids or volunteer at a helpline. Even if all you can manage is a couple of hours a week, you can make a huge difference and in all likeliness, this will have you grow closer.


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