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How To Make First-Time Sex Less Awkward And More Romantic!

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When we think of first-time sex, we all want it to be perfect. There’s so much chemistry between you and bae, and you know the sex will be awesome. At least that’s the hope. But since it’s your first time, you’re understandably nervous.

You have several questions on your mind. Will I be good at it? Will we be able to do it? Will it feel romantic, like in the movies? Well, we wouldn’t suggest leaving everything to destiny. You know, things have to be planned. Clueless? Fret not! We have your back. Here are some effective tips to make your first-time sex experience a super romantic one!

1. Wear something sexy

Don’t show up wearing your boy shorts and worn-out lingerie. Investing in sexy lingerie will enhance the viewing experience for him, but most importantly, it will boost your confidence.

2. Take a nice long shower

Do you know what can be a major turn-off for him? You turning up sweaty and smelly. However, it’s not just for hygiene purposes! Spend some extra time in the shower, with some music on and it will leave you feeling energised for some much-awaited action!

3. Set the ambience

When it comes to setting the right kind of mood, your ambience plays a key role. Fresh bedsheets, dim lights and soft romantic music will make your first time look like a movie scene. And who doesn’t want that?

4. Know your techniques

Okay, we aren’t expecting you to be an expert and you shouldn’t either. But it doesn’t mean that you should make big fat blunders with your learner’s license. Make up for the lack of experience by doing some research.

5. Shut out the world

Nothing kills libido like a call from your BFF ranting about her colleague. Or a picture of Arjun Kapoor on Instagram. Like hey, we’re trying to get it on here. You’re probably already nervous and you don’t want to add to it. Keep your fingers from tapping on your phone and use them for better purposes. We don’t want libido-killers to take away the romance from your first-time sex.

6. Ease into it

Yes, maybe you’re nervous. Or maybe you’re desperate. Either way, jumping into it will kill the romance for you. It’s not a fast f**k fest. So start slow. Kiss, cuddle, talk and stare into each other’s eyes. Allow the heat to build up!

7. Cuddle and go for round two!

After you successfully complete the first round, and assume that the deed is done, wait for it. Cuddling not just makes you feel more emotionally close and secure, but it also helps you want to make out all over again. One moment you’re looking into his eyes, and kissing gently while lying down, and the next you’ll be having wild, passionate sex. That’s just how the cookie crumbles!


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