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How To Draw Boundaries With An Ex (If You Don’t Want To Cut Them Off Completely)

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Back in the day, things were simpler. If you broke up with someone, they were out of your life. There was no Facebook or Instagram, where you get to stalk them and then drown your sorrows when they seem too happy on their social feed. You don’t have shared social circles to keep reminding you of an ex. Cutting off was easy. Now, however, the best you can do is to learn to draw some solid boundaries, especially if you don’t want to cut them off completely.

Hide them from your social media updates

We understand that deleting or blocking may be too rude and perhaps come across as immature.  But you can opt not to see their updates, at least for a while, and to hide yours from them, if you don’t want them seeing what you’re upto. Unless it’s a new haircut which is a definitive way to say you are over them.

There’s no such thing as casual sex with an ex

If they’re your ex, stop having sex with them unless you want all the emotional drama back in your life. Sex with an ex may be a thing on its own, but it is certainly never casual.

Don’t call them when you have news to share

That’s a thing of the past. One can’t immediately go from being a lover to a friend. In most cases, never a friend who is close enough to be your first call when you have news, in any case. Save that for another time when the feelings are less intense.


Remember, they are not your emotional anchor, and you are not theirs!

This is a rather peculiar thing that happens between exes. They start calling each other when they are down and out, or they need some sort of help. Don’t do this, and don’t encourage this. If you’re trying to get over them, that is.


They don’t need to know about your love life

If they ask, tell them politely it’s not their business. Even if they have your best interests at heart, they may start feeling things they didn’t anticipate and unknowingly cause needless drama.

Remember, if you’re really struggling, it’s always okay to completely cut off from an ex!

Don’t know why this went out of fashion. There’s nothing wrong with this, if that’s what you need to move on.


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