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How To Deal With A Lazy Boyfriend

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Mr. Perfect is an illusion. There’s no one in the world who doesn’t have flaws (No, not even Ryan Gosling, we promise). So, to think that you will come across someone who will be absolutely perfect in every way is, well, stupid. You’ve got to be wise and choose the flaws you are okay with your partner having.

Ask yourself: Would you go with someone who is not always honest, but who you have great fun with? Or, someone who is committed and loving, and trustworthy, but has awful taste in music and a paunch to go with it?

Everybody has flaws, and if your bae’s imperfection lies in his laziness, then this is for you! Before you go hating on him, try these tips on how to deal with him.

1. Look at the bright side of him being lazy

Which is, that you are allowed to be lazy, too. He won’t be judging you for not taking a shower, or spending your entire weekend snuggled up in bed. He’s chill.

2. Don’t lose sight of his strengths

I remember reading somewhere that you have to keep rose-tinted glasses on if you want a relationship to last. What this means is that you have to make sure you never stop gushing over your partner, and always see him in a special light. To do this, one of the things you must focus on is his strengths. You may get annoyed by your boy’s laziness, but what are the things you love about him?

3. Learn what he does enjoy doing

A lot of times, laziness is just another form of boredom. People get lazy when they don’t enjoy doing something. Surely, there must be something your boyfriend has a good time doing? Maybe he’s not the handyman, but he’d love to make you guys a DIY shoe rack or something? Tap into his potential, my friend.

4. Set up a barter system with him

Cut the emotional drama out, and offer a practical solution. Offer your boyfriend a reward for every time he doesn’t act lazy.

5. Don’t overcompensate for him

Do not, under any circumstances, take on the responsibility of his share. Divide chores. Divide social roles. And avoid the trap of compensating for his laziness. Hold him accountable for his share of the load.

6. Show him the advantages of not being lazy

For example, he is lazy about keeping the table organised? Do it for him once or twice, and talk about how good it feels, and how easy it is to find things when everything is in its place. (Disclaimer: This may not always work.)

7. Hold him accountable

Relationships are about striking that delicate balance between pushing each other to be better people, and accepting each other for who we are. To do this, you must hold each other accountable. Accountability is different from blame in that you don’t nag each other for things that were not clearly discussed. But, if he said he would pick up the laundry, and he doesn’t, then you pull him up for it.

8. Ask yourself, how much does his laziness weigh in the bigger picture?

Ultimately, life’s too short to sweat the small stuff!


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