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Here’s How To Squeeze In Quality Time With Friends And Family This Festive Season

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Festive season is hectic. It is also the time when you want to, and should, see all your loved ones. Many of us live away from home, or are super busy with work to be able to spend quality time with friends, or have crazy schedules and crave some down time with boyfriend. Come festive season with its celebratory spirit, and we want to do all of this! But, HOW?

The best way to get everyone in is to throw one big party, and have all your loved ones under one roof. That said, this may not be an option for everyone. Not all parents are chill enough to party with their kids and their friends, and you may want some exclusive time with bae.

So, figure out what are the things that are exclusive to each of the people you want to spend time with and we tell you how to juggle all the love with the limited time you have.

All pooja times are dedicated to the family. Extend these poojas and have meals with your parents and siblings.

Of course, after all the rituals, you’d want to wind down and have a drink or few. Well, that’s what friends are for!

Now, comes bae. Certainly your boyfriend / girlfriend also has family and friends to spend time with. So, let them do that during the day, and when it’s time to go home, go home with them. Staying over at each other’s house not an option? Get a hotel room, and have a staycation! After all, it is festive time!

We tend to think that we must do everything with everyone! You don’t have to have one taash party with friends, one with family, and one with boyfriend. If you just split the people you want to spend time with, also split what you’ll do with them.

For example, whom do you want to go shopping with? Maybe mom and dad can tag along if you want to buy new furniture or lights, your girlfriend if you want to buy new outfits, and boyfriend if you want to stock up on booze for that party? Get it?


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