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How Good Are You At Flirting? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

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There are two kind of flirters (yes, we made up a word) – those who can and with ease and those who’d be buried alive than even attempt to flirt with members of the opposite sex. The first type are the ones who know how to work their charm, what to say and how to walk up to someone and make them smile. The other type fail at stringing together a coherent sentence. If you’re not an extreme and want to attempt this sport called flirt and know where you fall in the spectrum, take this quiz and find out how good or, well, average you are.





Mostly As: Wow, you really do suck at flirting. It’s not like you don’t want to. But your wallflower tendency is keeping you from excelling at the art of catching your boy’s attention. In an ideal world, you’d find your prince charming, arriving at your doorstep, without you having to go out there. Along with the food delivery guy. But since technology isn’t there yet, you got to up your game, woman! Be confident of who you are, and don’t be afraid to flaunt what you have.

Mostly Bs: When you want a cutie, you make sure he wants you back. You may not throw yourself at him, but you will subtly let him know you’re interested. From batting your eyelashes at the stranger across the room to touching him but *accidentally*, you encourage your object of desire to woo you. But, sometimes, the guy you end up liking just cannot pick up on the signals. Don’t be afraid to make the first move!

Mostly Cs: You’re a bold and confident woman. Sexiness is key to your personality and you wouldn’t have it any other way. If someone catches your fancy, you go for him, unapologetically. Because you know why not take the pressure off men to make the first move? You embrace your femininity even as the world applauds from the sidelines.


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