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Here’s What Your Kissing Style Reveals About Your Relationship With Bae

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Sure, a kiss is an expression of love, affection and all that. However, with so many styles of kissing there is, do you think it can mean, just that? Are you simply testing the waters or diving right in? Do you ignite relentless passion in him? Or evoke feelings of comfort? Pecks, nibbles, sloppies – your kisses reveal a lot about the kind of relationship you share with bae. Confused? Here’s decoding various kissing styles for you!

Soft and romantic

This gentle kiss starts rather slow without much pressure. Your lips are packed with nerve endings and even a slight brush can give you butterflies!

What it means: It teases in the sense that it delays gratification. Basically, it means that you and bae are not rushing through things. He cherishes you, and would like to take it slow, and absorb every bit of pleasure there is.

Single-lip kiss

A single-lip kiss involves you focusing on one lip at a time. It’s romantic and not aggressive.

What it means: Though not fiery, this kiss gives you all the right feels. It says you both are truly in love and wish to take your time exploring each other. The passion lies in your heart!

Wet kisses

These are the kisses that involve a good amount of exchange of fluids and tongue action. Passionate and feisty, it’s often a prelude to a steamy full-blown make-out session.

What it means: This shows you are truly comfortable with each other! You share a strong sense of intimacy, both physically and emotionally. You guys are a sloppy bunch of lovers! No barriers here!

Nibble kisses

These kisses involve you biting your partner’s lower lip, gently of course! Needless to say, when two people kiss like this, their desires are soaring high.

What it means: A couple who kisses in this manner has a great, satisfying sex life. They share a high level of intimacy, combined with playfulness. You don’t shy away from experimentation, even if things get a bit rough! In fact, you’d rather have them rough!

Closed-mouth kiss

In this kiss, your lips are tightly shut, locking all the sloppiness away.

What it means: You’re not very comfortable with each other yet. You are probably testing the waters before you dive right in. Because, kissing like this, isn’t even real kissing! So, open up, like literally!


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