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Here’s What To Do With Your Hands To Make Kissing Even Sexier

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You have been dreaming about that cutie since only like, forever. A mindblowing date, you’ve had the time of your life. You are laughing and drunk, both on alcohol and love. He looks into your eyes and you know that you are about to be swept off with a romantic kiss. You imagine it would be perfect, except that it’s not! You are awkward, and clumsy, and clueless. You don’t know what to do with your hands and you end up accidentally hitting him in the ribs. Don’t let your awkwardness ruin what can be a great make out sesh. Here’s what to do with your hands while kissing him.

Around his neck

Place your hands around his neck as if in an embrace. You’ve pulled him closer making your kiss a rather intimate one. Ignite the  passion with this move as his body is pressed against yours.

Touch his thighs

Let him know that you are willing to take things forward by placing your hand on his upper thighs. Rub him gently, moving your hands up and down along his thigh, teasing him. If you’re willing to take things forward, let him know by letting your hands slip into his pants.

In his hair

Guys secretly love it when you play with their hair. If you are taking it slow, you can brush his hair with your fingers as you look into his eyes between kisses! But why take it slow when you can go race through? Run your fingers on the back of his head, pulling (lightly, unless you both are into bdsm!) his hair when it gets more intense.

Guide his hands

Men love women who can take charge! Instead of expecting him to read your mind, guide his hands to places on your body you’d like him to explore. You can place his hands on your waist or on your butt, letting him know he can take it up a notch.

Place your hands on his face

It may not be sexy, but it will definitely make him feel adored. Place your hands on his cheeks as you graze his lips gently. Move your fingers in a slow motion on his beard and look deeply into his eyes, the way you’d look at pizza.


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