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Here’s The One Thing That Totally Turns Him On, Based On His Zodiac Sign

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You may have an incredible level of sexual tension with bae. There’s nothing to complain about. Your time between the sheets is amazing, and you just can’t get enough of it. While all of this is cool, what if you could take your good chemistry and make it insanely, achingly hot?

Of course, you’d want that. But it’s kinda impossible to read his mind and pick that one thing that could make him go crazy. However, did you know that knowing his zodiac sign can actually give you an insight into what gets him going? Confused? Fret not, we have your back, sister. Here’s the scoop on what turns him on, based on his zodiac sign.


Predictability and routine bores an Aries man. So keep him on his toes and keep him guessing. He will love it when you exert power over him. And if he’s been bad, let him know it won’t go unpunished (wink).


A Taurus guy will be very attracted to physical contact. So when you’re walking with him, he’s always holding your hand or waist. Treat him to an erotic massage and sensuous foreplay. Anything from ice cubes to feathers to candle wax will take his arousal to a full 10!


Geminis love a woman who is up for all kinds of experiments and kinky stuff in bed. But his favourite kind of turn on is when a woman is confident enough to tell him what she wants. That’s even better for you, because you can guide him to your G-spot while he gets even more enthused to make you go cray cray.


He is a mush ball who wants romance more than anything else! Don’t expect your Cancer man to react well to your quickies! He needs much more intimacy. To turn him on, stretch the foreplay and make it more romantic. Start slow, planting kisses all over him, and he will melt like butter in your hands.

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The king of the zodiac loves everything grand. He is a lion in and outside of bed. He likes being tamed by his lioness, just not in bed. What really takes his arousal up a notch is assurance. If he’s gone down on you and you’re loving it, show all that pleasure by screaming out his name. Anything that assures him of being the best at what he is doing will make your job easier!


If you think you can just stroke him and he’ll be turned on, then you’ve underestimated your Virgo man. Unless you offer him an intellectual connection, he will only be able to give you half of himself in bed. Make note of the little things that he likes – such as kisses on his neck or strokes on his inner thighs. Next time, when he knows that you’re putting thought into it, he’ll be majorly turned on by just the idea of getting it on!


Your Libra baby may show his chivalrous and classy side otherwise, but when it comes to sex, he likes to get freaky (and freakishly awesome!) He particularly enjoys dominant and submissive role play, with him usually picking the submissive side. Spank him, handcuff him and squeeze his mains. Nothing will make him go crazier than a little bit of kink!


While you can get it on in your bedroom, the routine could be killing your Scorpio bae’s libido! He likes things to be intense, which require him to get out of his comfort zone. Suggest doing it in the backseat of his car, or in the shower. Try something naughty that will push him off the edge, and give him that adrenaline rush!


You have a date night planned with your Sagittarius bae, and you want things to be hot AF. To make sure he’s hot and waiting, leave little clues as to what awaits him. Send him a sexy picture (no, we aren’t suggesting nudes!), and leave little notes on what you’d like to do to him at night. It will stimulate his mind and desire to such an extent that he will have a hard time keeping it down!


Be it bedroom or boardroom, Capricorns are bosses everywhere. They like to lead and if you let him dominate you, he will give you an all-nighter! Having a woman who loves getting spanked as much as he loves spanking, will make him want to make rough love to her all day, all night!

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Creative and experimental, an Aquarian man loves a woman who will be his partner in every sexual adventure there is. He loves it when you make the first move and suggest something new to try. Go on, try the flatiron sex position, buy that vibrator online, and have sex on the couch. Your bae will be up for anything!


Pisces men are sensitive souls with a vivid imagination. They like to live in a fantasy world, which stimulates them more than reality. Which makes role play the best sexual stimulant for them. Surprise him with costumes and props for both of you, and see how perfectly he knows to use them already. (He has played it in his head several times!)


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