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Here are 3 #RelationshipGoals You Should Actually Aim For IRL

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The Internet has impacted our lives in many ways. From everything we need pretty much being a click away, to the devil called social media, the digital age has changed the way we live. And love. Instead of taking inspiration from poetry and a night sky full of stars, we take inspiration from Instagram. It’s called #RelationshipGoals. A precursory search of the hashtag reveals picture perfect images and videos of couples who always look their best, or are traveling to exotic locations, having fairy tale weddings, and romance that never seems to fizzle. But, we often forget that what we see on the Internet is merely a glimpse, often orchestrated for the likes and follows, of what real life is like. It’s time to get real, and seek these goals in you relationships, rather than some photoshopped version of a mediocre life:


1. A kitty of inside jokes

Laugh together instead of always trying to have that perfect moment that emulates someone else’s idea of what happiness means in a relationship. Create your own jokes, rather than ride on someone else’s prank that went viral. Drop everything else, and learn to laugh together until your stomachs hurt.


2. A real friendship

In our social media driven world, we have forgotten what friendship really means – you know, those old school ideas of being there for each other, being loyal and honest, spending hours just talking, taking time to get to know each other, going for slow walks, and NOT being distracted by our phones. Rather, the goal should be to become such good friends with your partner that you forget your phone exists, and when you are reminded of it, the two of you together laugh at how ridiculous #RelationshipGoals are!


3. Coping with boredom in the relationship

How many insta-famous couples share the boring moments in the relationship? All they share is romance and roses, leading us to believe that that’s all there is. But, that lie is damaging. Every relationship has moments that are defined by boredom – you may be bored with the daily routine, or your partner, or your self. Have you figured out a way to cope with this without it eroding the love between you two?


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