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He Made Me Orgasm So Many Times And So Intensely, I Couldn’t Take It Anymore. I Can’t Believe He Exists.

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Okay, so I got thinking and I came up with a theory on why most Indian men are so selfish in bed. Here’s what I think. Most Indian men are misogynistic and they are conditioned to give more weightage to their desires, ambitions and opinions over a woman’s. We’ve been struggling since forever to establish equilibrium in our society so that women can be free and reach their full potential. But it’s not happening because even if some men are not exactly oppressing other women, they don’t care enough to do anything about it. We’ve grown up to see our moms putting their needs aside and somehow a woman is expected to not prioritise her desires.

Then, these guys get to bed with their woman and there too, they think that it’s okay to not please her or give her explosive orgasms. But I have been very picky and lucky, at least when it comes to this special man who put my pleasure above his. In fact, he spent so much time in pleasing me, I swear I cannot believe he is real. So I don’t blame you if you think this is a figment of my imagination. Which it isn’t.

Why am I writing about this? Because I feel this is exactly the kind of treatment all of us deserve in bed and I want you to know it exists. So never give up and settle for orgasms that are infrequent and unsatisfying.

I orgasmed so many times that I got tired. How did that happen?

If there was an erotic fairytale, it would look like the times we made love. It’s just perfect, and if it is coming from me, it has to mean something. It was intense, passionate and so smooth. It felt choreographed almost, because there are really no errors and awkward positions. We felt in sync with each other, like he knows my body more than I do. His touch tingled and comforted at the same time. And it makes me feel so warm, when I know that he has my pleasure on his mind. I surrender myself to the way he explores my body and I let him take charge.

The bed was squeaky, the night warm with the passion running in our veins. We locked our lips and I, for once let my guard down. We made love and it was so intense, that I was dripping wet. And what felt like hours of making slow love, he decided to make me come. Of course, he has done it every time we made out and I was expecting it. But was I expecting me to orgasm this much? Nope! But I did. I came so many times and after a point, I was like I can’t come any more. I thought my body would take my side, because it’s mine and shit. But he continued and I continued to respond and there I was, moaning like I was in porn. I swear, I didn’t know that was possible. When I was done like for good, I sat on his lap, looked straight into his eyes, and asked, “What are you?” Then, we burst into a laughter.

Seriously, how did that happen?

We often complain about men not being able to get it right or how they don’t put enough effort in making us come. Most men I dated were really good at foreplay and all of that but I don’t think anyone has ever made me feel tired of orgasming. It felt like my body has exhausted its quota of orgasms. And I am not talking about two or three; I am talking double digits here! So now that I know it’s possible, I am keen on finding out how.

So while we were at it, I realised that this is what tantra sex is like. I have heard so much about it and that it is really mindblowing and satisfying. I know that term sounds very exotic but it’s basically all about taking it slow, feeling each other and connecting on an emotional level. It’s about really being there in your shared time and space and giving selflessly.

It could also be that he is fucking magic and we are very compatible. Or that because I let my guard down (comfort level is too high here!) I was able to orgasm so many times and so wildly. After all, when it comes to making a woman orgasm, it’s more of a mind game! If we are even remotely uncomfy or stressed, no matter how good he is, it just won’t happen.

He is proof Indian men need to up their orgasm-giving game

So I am letting you guys in on another thing, which compared to this, seems quite small. The thing is whenever I write about how men are not able give women orgasms, those articles are read by so many women. Even my friends have the same complaint, and to be honest, I have had the same complain from other guys I have dated. Which is why, I feel this story had to be told. My faith is restored in the possibility of orgasms that make you shiver and yours should too. We all deserve that.

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But why are other Indian men so incompetent? I have never seen anyone put so effort and time in serenading my body like he did. I think all women need to stop faking orgasms and giving charity blowjobs to men. Because that way, they will never step up and you will continue to having to please yourself. Never settle for less and keep looking for a guy like this, he is real. Don’t even ask me to pass him on, cause I won’t!

Also because, we broke up and I don’t know where he is anymore. Oh don’t judge me, you are not supposed to keep people around for just sex, everyone says.

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