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Having Your Boyfriend’s Pictures On Social Media Is A Good Idea. Here’s Why

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We go on a vacation and we blast our social media with pictures and videos of our happy moments. Whether you’re enjoying a cup of coffee, or catching up with a friend for some retail therapy, none of these moments go undocumented on your Instagram. So when you’re in a beautiful relationship, with someone who gives you a whole bunch of butterflies, why not validate it online? You’ve been envying your friends’ pictures with their SO for what seemed like eternity (during your dry dating spell). At the risk of sounding like a typical millennial, if you’re in love, you gotta declare it from the digital rooftops! Here’s why including your partner in your social media posts is such a good idea!

They won’t feel left out

A person’s feed can say so much about them. One glance at your Instagram can reveal so much about your hobbies, your interests, your meme preferences etc. When you leave out your SO from the online summary of your day-to-day life, it can make them feel non-inclusive. And it can leave them wondering where they stand with you.

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They will feel important

Sharing information about your SO on social platforms can make them feel appreciated and valued. Anything we love has to make it on our feed, right? So when you post the occasional cutesy pictures with them, it could increase the feelings of intimacy in your relationship.

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Because if it’s not on social media, is it even official?

In today’s digital era, this validation is everything! If your pictures are not all over each other’s Insta, then are you even committed? When you’re hiding your relationship from your audience, it can mean two things, a) you’re still playing the field and b) you’re embarrassed of them. That’s the code, bro! You gotta make it social-official!

You can achieve #CoupleGoals

Be it Nickyanka or DeepVeer, the power couples of B-town have been making us go aww with their romantic posts on Insta! With all the pictures that are #CoupleGoals flooding social media and giving us major goals, you can now join the bandwagon with your sweetie. Yes, it could mean that other people feel single as f*** but if you have it, flaunt it, right?

Your friends will feel connected with them

We love it when our boyfriends get along well with our friends and fam! But having said that, we hardly have time to stay connected with our set of people, forget our SO’s! However, through social media, your friends can stay updated on your boyfriend. If you are on a weekend getaway with your bae, your friends can simply follow your updates. They are invested in your story, they gotta know!


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