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Do You Stress Too Much Over Relationship Problems? Take This Quiz To Find Out

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When we were young, we had several boys as playmates – but from then to now, the games we play have changed. We went from hide and seek to lead on and ghost, and from innocence to the loss of it. The thing with men is that today, the moment we welcome them into our lives, they will create havoc. Of course, some of that chaos is worth it, while some make you blow up a huge amount on vodka or a therapist or both.

We get anxious and overthink about every little detail – what you could have said and done – long after an argument is over. In fact, even when it comes to decoding the mixed signals a new guy sends across, we put more effort than he does in sending those! Seriously, if we continue to stress so much about boy troubles, we’ll just have to marry our anxieties. It takes a toll on our work, health, and fun in life. So it is better if we learn how to keep them aside because men are trouble and unless you swear off them, these troubles won’t stop. Maybe if you marry a human equivalent of healing Tibetan sounds.

Before that, let’s take this quiz and see if you’ve been obsessing too much over boy troubles.

Mostly As

When your heart is hurting and your head overworking, how can you think straight? A fight with bae can throw you off balance as you let your emotions get the best of you. Breakups make you feel like everything is lost. But when it’s all done and dusted you realise that you wasted a lot of time worrying and crying. Wipe those tears and never let anything affect you so much because in the end you’re the one losing those precious moments when you could be chilling instead.

Mostly Bs

You have aced the technique to not let it show. So you sit on your desk working but your closest work friends can notice that change in behaviour. You begin typing like you’re hitting the keyboard, you speak fluent sarcasm and your face looks like someone forced you to have pav bhaji without butter. You try to focus on just being you but deep down, in your mind you’re still arguing with him. This kinda patchwork solution will just work on your anxiety. Do things that help you detoxify – like a quick workout or listen to some calming music.

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Mostly Cs

You’re the boss babe that inspires all her friends to put on makeup and go dancing when she’s feeling low. Or stay home and read. Whatever you choose to do, you do it wholeheartedly, keeping your boyfriend troubles aside. You have trained yourself to be patient and let time heal it all. Your focus doesn’t let anything come in between what you’ve committed to – working, having fun, or taking a nap!

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