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Do You Catch Feelings For Someone You’re Having Casual Sex With? Here Are 10 Things You Will Relate To

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I hate it when I want things to be casual but the romantic in me keeps perforating my happiness and satisfaction with feelings. Why can’t I just have a great session of canoodling with my bae without wanting to tell him I love him? I mean honestly, it’s not even like I am in love with them. Or maybe I am. Then in that case I am screwed and in a way that is not pleasurable. Anyway, casual is not my thing because either I really don’t care about a person or if I am investing so much time in one person, it means I most definitely do. And spending all that time with someone you get along with and who is showering you with kisses and giving you unlimited orgasms makes you fall for them.

I don’t know how people don’t fall for that because I do. If you’re just like me and find it hard to not catch feelings, you’ll relate to these things!

  1. You have a hard time pretending to not have feelings

Sometimes, when you’re lying down after making love to him, you look at his face and whisper under your breath how much you like him. You care for him and there have been times when you’ve just let him sleep on your chest. And even though it’s supposed to be all casual, you don’t know how to not melt with just one kiss.

  1. Because when he comes around, it’s not just your vagina that’s throbbing

When he is your peripheral vision, your eyes just move towards him no matter what you’re doing. It’s almost how a sunflower faces the sun or how Jaya Bachchan in K3G knew SRK had returned home. And then just looking at him exist makes you smile while you try hard to not blush.

  1. You catch yourself dreaming about your “casual” romance

It’s supposed to be casual and you tell yourself you can pull that off. Yet, after lunch when your focus is rather weak, you find your mind treating you to images of being with him doing absolutely nothing. Or it takes you back to the amazing night you had, the way he held your waist, that look in his eyes, the way he kissed you, etc. Right now, you’re daydreaming again!

  1. You want it to be exclusive but you don’t know want to push things

You wish you had listened to Elvis Presley when he sang that “only fools rush in.” Because right now, you can’t help falling in love with him and just sometimes, you feel like rushing in. You want to make things official and make it exclusive. But it’s all a bit premature. Dammit!

  1. More than sex, you want to cuddle

Millennials feel pressured to act like they don’t care. Also, you know when you’re keeping it casual, that’s kind of a prerequisite. But the truth is that you love the whole package that you get with him – sleepovers, watching movies tucked in a blanket, making love and falling asleep on his chest.

  1. Sometimes, it really scares you because where the fuck is this going

You feel love drunk every time you’re with him. Actually, even when you’re not because then you daydream about him. However, once in a blue moon all that high drops and you begin to see that things aren’t going anywhere except to the bedroom. So it scares you because you feel one day you will have to part ways but you hope that day takes a really long time to come.

  1. You want to act cool but he better not flirt with that long-legged bitch

It’s not like you’re in a relationship so technically you don’t have the right to be ask him to not flirt with other women. So you act like you’re not jealous when he gives someone else attention. But deep down, you’re just hoping that their friendship is platonic and yours remain the only lips he kisses.

  1. You know you will have to deal with a breakup without having a real relationship

Such romantic connections either develop into a relationship or just fade away. In the latter case, you know you will be heartbroken but you can’t even mourn confidently because where was the relationship in the first place?

  1. Every time you think about it, you feel a little turned off

You try to distance yourself from him. Even if you hang out with him, these things play in your head and you can’t be your usual self. When you’re love drunk, you’re a goofball with him. When the drug begins to wear off, you’re quieter around him. Even when you’re making out, these things mess with your head and make you a little less wet than usual. Uggh. Why does feelings have to interfere with pleasure?

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  1. But fuck that, he gives the best orgasms and that’s a basic necessity

The thing is that he is too tempting and it’s like every cell in your body wants to surrender to his touch. The fact that you like him outside the bedroom makes the sex even hotter. Then you convince yourself that a few more orgasms before you part. Because those are really good!

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