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This Is How Deepika Padukone Keeps Ranveer Singh In Check, In Both Real And Reel Life!

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Put Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh under one roof, and we know the energy will be infectious. Deepika’s contagious smile and Ranveer’s limitless enthusiasm can light up any room. And that’s exactly what’s happening on the sets of ’83 in Glasgow, Scotland. Ranveer Singh, who will be seen portraying the role of cricket legend Kapil Dev, has been over the moon to have Deepika join the cast for the role of Romi Dev (Kapil Dev’s wife). And like with every other emotion, Ranveer the cutie went ahead and spilled all his excitement on social media.

Ranveer uploaded a fun boomerang video of him and wifey Deepika on Instagram, where she’s playfully hitting him with a bat. Ranveer jokingly says how this video sums up both their onscreen and offscreen life: “Story of my life – real and reel!” Aww, that’s cute! But then again, what about this couple is not cute, right?

That is probably how Deepika has to keep Ranveer Singh in check. Because he does seem like to have a tendency to lose the plot and go overboard. Deepika certainly brings balance in their relationship, which is adorable to say the least! Of course, Ranveer Singh is now enjoying every moment of working with Deepika Padukone for the first time post marriage.

He went ahead and shared a couple of love-doused posts on Instagram. One post read, “*drum roll* All smiles as All-star  @deepikapadukone joins the #83squad !!! @83thefilm @kabirkhankk”. He also went on to post about how blessed he is feeling to have real life wife playing reel life wife too, “Who better to play My Wifey than My Wifey?!” Oh Ranveer, you are adorable!

While Ranveer Singh is finding it hard to contain his excitement, Deepika Padukone has made an effort to balance it with her practical approach. In an interview with Times Of India recently, Deepika revealed she would have essayed the character of Kapil Dev’s wife Romi Dev, even if Ranveer wasn’t in the movie. She explained, “The personal equation doesn’t spill over into the workspace. I can’t think of anyone else who could do justice to the role (of Kapil Dev), but if there was someone else playing him in the film, and not Ranveer, I would still do my part. This isn’t coming from a personal equation, but from my passion and enthusiasm for the film.” However, she also added that she feels Ranveer is the perfect choice for the role!

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These two are definitely couple goals with the way they balance each other’s energies. Yin and yang all the way! The movie ’83 is expected to release in April 2020 and we can’t wait (but kinda have to, right?).


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