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Dear Boyfriend, This Is How I Want To Be Treated When I Am On My Period

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We understand that most women experience major symptoms during menstruation. From mood swings to bloating to extreme cravings, we become quite an erratic lot during our period. And at such times, most of us crave either love or food, or sleep. Or a combination of all of these. But you know, it happens often that bae is being his sarcastic self, and we end up feeling hurt. Or we get pissed easily because of something even slightly annoying he did. The reason our partners have to bear the brunt of our mood swings, is because (as horrible as it sounds) they are the only one we can vent out with. But guess what, if they get the hang of how to treat you when you’re chumming, things will go smoother than expected. It’s just a matter of few days, after all.

So help your cutie, and let them know how to handle you on your chums and avoid having a massive fight. Here’s a list of things, most women would want their boyfriends or husbands to know. Share it with him, so he knows and isn’t taken aback when you cry during a horror scene in a movie.

1) Know that we can become the Godzilla

We aren’t saying that we will get pissed irrationally. Because, most of the times there’s always a legit reason for us to be mad. It’s just that when we would have let it pass on any other day, this is the time we’ll be quite sensitive about it. It also means our anger will be magnified. So instead of panicking, we’d appreciate if you keep us calm instead. Know that the anger will probably be irrational but also that we need you to know that but still back us up. No one said this was going to be easy.

2) So don’t say anything even remotely annoying

And the only way to keep us calm is by trying to not do anything that you feel could annoy us. You know when we’re already dealing with our hormones and all that bloating and basically wearing a diaper, do we need you to trouble us? Which means, this is not the time to pull our legs or make sarcastic jokes. That will only make us cry like a baby. PS: That can be held against you even two months down the line.

3) If you think it’s a tricky question, it is!

We don’t know why we do this, but somehow all the tricky questions come in our head at this point. And no, we are not trying to frame you, intentionally. So if we ask have we gained weight? Just say no. If we ask you whether you want to catch up after work? Say yes, because we need to be with our bae at such times. And you just have to deal.

4) But don’t blame it on our period

Every time we put up a fight, it’s not because of our period. Maybe you’re actually wrong; it’s just that we aren’t subtle about it while on period. Plus, if you end up uttering these words, know that it will piss us off further.


5) Do not remind us of our diet

Okay, so we’ve been on a diet since the past two weeks, and it’s great that you’ve been helping us out. But if you expect that we can be on our period and on a diet simultaneously, then you also probably think Santa is real. We shall have junk and dessert, unapologetically.

6) Give us as much affection as you possibly can

We might not be able to admit in that moment, when we’re sorta cranky and fuming, but we absolutely need your love and affection. And we want you to give it generously without being chindi. Shower us with your love! As surprising as that may sound, but with a little warmth we can go from being a Godzilla to Toothless in no time.

7) Unless we ask for space

But if you have already messed it up or if we are just in the mood to curl up on your beds, don’t pester us. Give us space. We will come back to you feeling rejuvenated, and happier. Once we have binge-watched all our fav rom-coms on Netflix.

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8) In that case, just give us food

However, if there’s one thing that can never ever fail to brighten up our mood, it is comfort food! Grab whatever you think we like. Or suggest going for a quick drive to the dessert place around the corner. We’ll appreciate and remember this. And if there was an award for the best bae ever, we’d give it away to you. Who knows you might even get a good present you can unwrap once we’re done with our period? Get it?


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