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Dating In 20s Vs Dating In 30s

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Hitting your 30s is like starting a whole new life! If you’ve played your cards right, chances are you have more money in your bank account, a couple of solid friendships you can count on half asleep, and more self-confidence than before. Surely, with the last one, your dating life is bound to be affected? Most will agree that dating in your 30s is different than dating in your 20s. We’ll show you how…

1. In your 20s, you fall in love too easily. That cute guy at Starbucks who had the same order as you? Yep, soulmates. In your 30s, love becomes something that must be earned. That guy you’ve been seeing for a year now who’s always there, and you can no longer remember what life was like before him? No, you’re not sure yet if it’s love.

2. In your 20s, a great first date involves either a whole lot of drinking, or a concert, or a spontaneous road trip, or something outrageous like that. In your 30s, a great first date can be anywhere, anytime as long as you spend most of it laughing!

3. In your 20s, online dating is the best thing that could’ve possibly happened to you. In your 30s, you wish the devil called Internet was never born!

4. In your 20s, you take shitty behaviour and tell yourself it’s love. In your 30s, you take shitty behaviour, make a little shit-cake and throw it right back at the person who treated you like shit.

5. In your 20s, you’re too cool to define your relationship – or, umm, whatever. In your 30s, you’re too old and too busy to not label what you’re doing.

6. In your 20s, you “hang out’ together and you’re fine with that. In your 30s, you can’t be bothered to hang out unless you know  it’s going somewhere.

7. In your 20s, you still dream of a big, fancy, fairy tale wedding. In your 30s, you just want a happy, peaceful life with this person – marriage or no marriage.

8. In your 20s, you’re all for the drama. If there’s none in your relationship, is it even a relationship? In your 30s, you run at the first hint of drama.

9. In your 20s, you don’t care so much about other people’s feelings. You only care about yourself. In your 30s, you are more compassionate.

10. In your 20s, you take everything – every sweet nothing, every compliment, every indiscretion, and every fight too seriously. In your 30s, you learn to take things lightly, and not make a mountain of a molehill. And this is why relationships in your 30s are better!


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