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5 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know Happen To Your Body When You Have Sex

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Before sex, you were okay. But after becoming sexually active, you suddenly start feeling this surge of energy. Even after sweating it out in the sack, you aren’t tired. In fact, you have this natural afterglow that can put even the best of Korean sheet masks to shame. Your cheeks are flushed, you’re looking sexier and feeling more confident than ever. You think it’s all because you’re so in love. Okay, that can be one reason. But turns out it’s the sex that does this too. So thank your partner and embrace the changes that happen to your body with regular sex.

Your nipples become more sensitive

When you kickstart your sex life, your body starts experiencing an increase in blood flow and muscle tension in your areola and nipples. Which is why, when you are turned on, your nips get hard. However, these physical responses have re-wired your nipples to become more sensitive, even when you’re not aroused.

Your breasts firm up

Sex can get your nervous system all riled up, causing the tissues in your breasts to swell up. What does this mean for you? Your breasts become firmer and increase in size by 25% approximately. However, if you’re looking for breast enhancement, then you won’t find lasting success in sex! After a few days, your breasts will return to their original form.

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Your vagina becomes more flexible

When you start having sex, your vagina and clitoris learn to expand and contract, a phenomenon that never occurred before. The elasticity of your vagina also keeps getting better. It doesn’t mean that your vag will become loose once you become sexually active. But it will make itself ready for penetration by expanding during sex and returning back to normal post it.

The way your vagina lubricates changes

Before having sex, your vagina is lubricating itself in the bare minimum way. You know, to keep itself healthy. But now, you become wet more intensely than before. Which is great, because without enough lubrication sex can be painful. And we don’t want that!

Your hormones are flying high

Having sex releases oxytocin, you know the hormone responsible for giving you that cloud 9 feeling! Orgasming also releases dopamine, which leaves you feeling content and confident. No matter how cynical you are in life, having regular orgasms will make you a much happier person.


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