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Are You Too Sensitive? Here’s How It Could Be Hurting Your Relationship

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I used to be very sensitive and it was no good for my relationships. You get hurt easily, have expectations that are sky high and hold on to battles that should be aborted for good. When your skin is oversensitive, even a pleasant beach vacation leaves you sunburnt. Now imagine being perennially sunburnt in a relationship, even though it’s essentially a good one. You can’t expect the sun to not shine. And exactly like that, we can’t expect the person in a relationship be okay with walking on thin ice constantly. So dab some sunscreen on your heart and focus on having fun instead! Else, it will not be good for you because you won’t be happy, or for him because putting band-aid on your feelings will become his full-time job. Here’s how being too sensitive can damage your relationship.

You will have constant fights

When you’re being too sensitive, you can’t help but pick up the tiniest things that boyfriend does. He said he loves you, but it felt too dry. That one time he didn’t hug you becomes the subject he will be nagged for, three months down the line. Before you know it, your honeymoon phase is being hijacked by baseless fights. You quarrel so often that if it could count as workout, you’d have the best waist line ever. But you know what does burn calories? Kissing. Always pick kissing over cussing!

He will get tired of being sorry

Boyfriend is a cutie and will apologise every time you put up a sad face. Even if he may not feel he has been wrong. But after the first 100 times, he’ll just get tired with constantly apologising. If I were your boyfriend, I’d already have a couple of sorry template texts ready!

You will feel disappointed very often

If you’re very sensitive, you’re also an over-thinker. You will spend nights thinking about the minuses of your relationship. You will think about those times when his tone was not loving enough, of the things he said when he was angry, when he didn’t give you enough time – obsessively! At the end, you will be so disappointed that you will be completely missing the plot – the fact that you have a boyfriend who loves you dearly and always tries to make you happy.

It will take away your peace of mind

Life’s not easy for sensitive souls. You get disappointed easily, and it’s no fun not having a smooth relationship with someone you love so dearly. If you practise the art of not over-analysing, the cloud of your disappointments will go away and you’ll be able to feel more love. More love, less fights means more peace. Simple!

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That’s a lot of time wasted

Think of all that time you guys spent on going over and over things that are trivial. At the end, you’re still with him, and he loves you. In hindsight, you could be making plans and doing fun things instead.

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