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Are You Too Possessive? Or Just Concerned? Find Out With Our Quiz

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So, you’re here because you’ve a smidgen of doubt that perhaps, you may be a possessive girlfriend. Of course, not *that* possessive, just a little. But how much is too much? Could you potentially be stifling your boyfriend? Sometimes when we are in love, we unknowingly feel like we have ownership of them! We get super jealous when they talk to other girls, or not respond when online. Your mind starts drifting in all possible directions! But hey, some of us are super chill too! What type of girlfriend are you? The possessive girlfriend or the super chill kind? Take our quiz to find out!

Your Answers:

Mostly As

Woman, you need to loosen up a little. You have placed your dibs on him and now no other woman can come around his perimeter. A woman even sniffing around you man might have to beat hasty retreat. But if you hold on too tightly on him, he will feel suffocated and the relationship could fall apart. Get a check on your trust issues and let the poor guy breathe!

Mostly Bs

You are quite possessive, but he probably finds it adorable. He is the love of your life and you trust him. But you can’t help but feel a little jealous if someone of the opposite sex steals his attention. We completely understand! However, let’s not escalate the fiestiness here, okay?

Mostly Cs

You are a super chill gf! Fun and independent, you share a very open and honest relationship with him. You believe in the concept of space, give and take! You believe that you don’t have to set boundaries for him to remain loyal to you! Of course, remember to keep communicating while giving space, you don’t want to feel disconnected. Way to go, girl!


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