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Are You Crushing On An Emotionally Unavailable Guy? Find Out!

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There are plenty of cute guys. But find a guy who’s interested in you and is emotionally available? Yup, that’s tough. Some men can be more confusing than your class 9th geometry, and even with that you had a protractor to help. This is a guy who flatters you and makes you feel so special, and yet you feel like you’re just going in circles.

There’s so much chemistry and compatibility. So why is there no commitment? Such men can often make you lose confidence. But when he says it’s not you, it’s him, you should probably believe it! Know whether you’re pinning hopes on a guy who is actually emotionally unavailable. Here’s your checklist!

They are amazing at short-term intimacy

The cutie you’ve been hanging out with probably knows how to spoil you. He will make you feel special on dates. He may go on to tell you feel how comfortable he is with you and how he hasn’t met anyone like you. But the next day, you’re still not his girlfriend. The intimacy you felt the previous night doesn’t translate into anything substantial and this happens quite happen. The guy has emotionally checked out.

They are inflexible

The thing about a guy looking for commitment with you is that he will be willing to move things around to accommodate his plans with you. But for an emotionally unavailable guy, meeting you on  match night is too much of an ask. It’s okay to be second in a guy’s list of priorities, but not if the first one sounds like a silly excuse.

Difficulty expressing feelings

Have you ever had this achingly beautiful moment with him? You can see it in his eyes, the way he’s been staring into yours. Usually, a guy who is open to emotions will express his feelings for you, especially when he knows you’re more than happy to hear it. But if he is holding himself back, he probably doesn’t want to invest his emotions in anyone right now.

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Becomes more affectionate when drunk

And yet, when alcohol enters his system, he starts texting you how special you are to him. He suddenly shows this need for your attention and love. And of course, you shower all your affection on him, until the next morning when he has bounced back to the unemotional zone. This makes you feel and look like a fool, especially because you’ve been over it more than once. Now when he is being even remotely affectionate, you simply ask him if he is drunk. Don’t let your love life be driven by a drunk man, it’s likely to crash!

He dampens your enthusiasm

Every time you’ve felt that now you’ve come a step closer in the dating meter, he pushes you back to zero. He shows a lot of affection, maybe on a subconscious level. But when he realises that, he runs in the opposite direction. Your date went so well, ideally, you’d expect him to text you more but he avoids all talk for a few days just to get the distance back. What a mood killer!


They haven’t dealt with their past

Instead of wondering about their thoughts on relationships, ask them directly. If they are emotionally unavailable, they will definitely be freaked out. It’s very likely that he will have a sob story to tell you about how they are still not over their past and want to stay clear of relationships. So here’s the thing, take their word for it. Invest your time in someone who can Netflix and commit, not just chill.


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