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An Open Letter To My Dog Who Has Kept Me Sane During This Lockdown. I Wouldn’t Be Anywhere Without You

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Dear Oster,

Or as my mother would often like to refer to you – the real inheritor of everything in the will when the time comes – you are the glue that has been holding all of us together for almost 10 years now. Back in 2010, when Tik Tok was just a hit single by Kesha and not a widespread social media disease, and going out was still legal, you entered into my life, all of 28 days old, wrapped in a pretty bow and neatly tucked in a basket that can only fit your face now. And from then to now, nothing has been the same.

Having you as a companion for life, that I have come to love more than my self now, you have been a true revelation, my friend. From being the first to teach me everything about unconditional love, to how to fake a puppy dog face and get your way in life, you’ve always been way ahead of your time. Wiser than the average dog, smarter than most humans and cuter than any living thing on this planet, no one will ever come close to just how paw-fect you’ve been as my little brother, buddy.

Thank you for always being excited to greet me, even if it means seeing me come out of the room next door. Thank you for eating my breakfast when I didn’t want to. Thank you for listening to me rant about work, friends or lovers, and patiently hearing me out until I feel lighter. Thank you for giving me the best snuggles in the world and acting as the perfect pillow for when I want to doze off. Thank you for making me look strong and powerful while I walk you in the park by not tugging on your leash. Thank you for letting me know in advance that someone is approaching the door, and most of all, thank you for guarding the door while I poop everyday and hoping I return the favour for you later during our walk.

I know people say that humans and dogs can’t really understand each other, but you and I have always been different, isn’t it? How else would you explain you knowing exactly when to comfort me and when to eat my homework when I was younger, just knowing that I hadn’t even started at it? Or how else would I know exactly what you’re saying and get you a date with the neighbour’s dog?

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Your selfless and unconditional ways of love, be it by nesting next to me when I am crying, getting me your favourite play toy when you vibe that I am sad, or in a weird way by eating my favourite sock, have made me a better and more compassionate human over these 10 years. And in the words of others, more bearable in this quarantine.

Yes, there are days when I wish you wouldn’t push me off the bed while I am snuggling with mom out of jealousy, or eat all the cat food our neighbours put out, but even then you must know, that I love you with all my heart. And that on days when I come home late from work, or at times smelling of other dogs, I am not cheating on you. Just telling other doggos of your mighty presence at home. You will always be my top lad, and now that you’re growing a tad bit old and catching up to a few old age problems, it breaks my heart to not see you as chirpy as you were on your first day.

Regardless, I know you’re the strongest of the strong, goodest of the good boys and that you will come out barking and slurping just fine. After all, we have more lion masks to put on and tiktok videos to make, and let’s not forget, more road trips to embark upon. Until then, I wish you get well soon because eating food is not complete without you drooling all over me and visitors are a lot less fun to scare without you barking at them. Besides, I need you to be fine again, so I can blame the racks of finished food and cereal on you. But I promise, this time around, you can ruin as many pair of slippers as I own and I won’t scold you, just love you little bit harder.

Love, always.

Your Hooman

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