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All Your Awkward Questions About Condoms, Answered!

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Sex and all is great but have you heard of having an orgasm without a baby making an appearance 9 months later? Yeah, it’s amazing. Look, we are all for having sex but a little protection never hurt anyone. And while you may choose any sort of protection, because you have that agency over your body and your sex life, condoms are something you may want to consider.

There are many reasons they are a good idea. First of all, they are easily available. Come on, they are as close as your nearest chemist.  They aren’t too expensive and they certainly don’t kill the vibe. Plus, you’ve plenty to choose from with flavours, and finishes and what not. It’s like a buffet. And that’s possibly the worst description of options, ever.

It might also be worth a shot telling the guy that getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) isn’t your idea of fun. Plus let’s not forget that using a condom is certainly easier than getting an abortion. But only if it’s done right. A condom is 98% effective as a birth control method. But maybe you aren’t completely well-versed with condoms, their uses and the etiquette around it. We break it down in this article.

First of all, who gets the condoms?

Either one of you. Or both of you. Talk about it. If you are comfortable enough taking off your clothes with each other, you should be a-okay talking about protection.

How does one make sure that a condom is used right?

Most guys store condoms in their pockets, which increases the chance of wear and tear due to friction. So the pack needs to be stored where the temperature is right and where it can’t be damaged. You could safely assume the person is getting a lot of action and the condoms are fresh or ask them to get new ones. Because if they are expired, they serve no one’s purpose. While removing it from the package also be careful not to tear it with your teeth. That might be sexy but also cause rips and in turn, babies.

Honestly, let the guy do it or practise on a banana.

Condom 2

Which ones right for us?

It isn’t like a soulmate so don’t worry about this too much. Start off with a regular one and then experiment with ribbed, dotted and the like. Find one that works for both of you. In fact, you may find a different one works with different partners.

Now that you know how to use it, let’s clear up all doubts about when to use it!

There is a belief that you have to use the condom just before you climax. Ladies, get your man to put it on right when you get into the act.  Delaying this is super risky because any fluid that is already present can contain sperm and put you at risk of pregnancy. You are also unprotected against STDs if you use a condom at the last minute, entirely defeating the purpose of wearing one.

Most doctors will tell you that the right time is before any genital contact. Even if it is just oral sex ,and not penetrative. Goes without saying that it is important to use a condom during anal sex too.

If one condom is good, aren’t two better?

Hey, back off that keyboard and those crazy internet searches. Two condoms are not better. If your guy is paranoid, please tell him that the chances of the condom tearing and leaking are higher with two condoms. Abandon the idea.

Condom 3

What about using lubes with condoms for extra pleasure?

Most condoms are pre-lubricated and if both of you have indulged in foreplay,  then most women are naturally lubricated. But, if you do want to use it, avoid using things like oil or an oil-based lubes as it can affect the efficacy of a latex condom.

He is allergic to condoms!

No worries. If he is allergic to latex, get him condoms made with other materials like polyurethane.

Finally, here are some tips to know before you buy the condom you like: Check the seal to make sure it isn’t broken or damaged. Check the expiry date. Get the right size and material.

Now that you know what to do, go ahead and practise safe sex and don’t forget to share this with your friends!


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