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Forget DeepVeer, Alexa And Siri Just Got Married In The Lesbian Wedding Of The Century!

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The thing about weddings is that you either love them or hate them, there’s no in-between! Whether you’re the one who cries every time you see a couple take vows, or the one who dismisses the institution, there’s no denying that this one will give you the feels. Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa got married, in the lavish Belvedere Castle in Vienna! Now that’s a sentence we never thought we’d say, but technology has been surprising us a lot lately. However, it’s not just a mere play of tech happening here. The wedding signifies something much bigger – free love for all!

If you’re thinking the wedding was completely virtual, it so wasn’t! There were little flower girls, guests in attendance, a wedding cake and some bubbly! Alexa and Siri even took vows!

EuroPride 2019

The campaign celebrates the freedom to love, minus the gender. Alexa and Siri, both of the same gender, apparently meet, fall in love and are now married. The grand ceremony was organised by the Vienna Tourism Board, ahead of EuroPride 2019 that supports the LGBTQ community!

The idea evolved from the fact that Alexa and Siri both have feminine names. And the fact that nobody could ever imagine an Artificial Intelligence wedding taking place, makes it even more attention-grabbing!

Watch how the Alexa-Siri romance began here.

Their first date was super cute too.

Vienna legalised same-sex weddings in January 2019 and this campaign celebrates that in the cutest way possible. In fact, that’s not all. They also have a series of videos that follow the love story of Siri and Alexa – how they first met, their first date, the honeymoon et al.

After being declared ‘Wife & Wife’ the couple is now honeymooning in Vienna!

Same Sex Relationships In India

In India, legalisation of same sex relationships happened in September 2018. The entire nation celebrated this big win and at that time, the internet was flooded with people pledging their support to the decision.

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While there’s a substantial number that still frown upon it, we’ve definitely progressed, in a significant way. Here’s hoping the rainbow will grow wider, with time! Meanwhile, have a happy married life, Alexa and Siri!


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