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A Research Revealed That Women Go On Dates For Free Food. What Nonsense! Sometimes The Men Are Nice!

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Remember a time when you had a great time with this really cute guy and figured much later you were just a booty call? You didn’t think it was a deeply romantic equation, but just a booty call? But then you were like, ‘Meh, he wasn’t that great anyway.’ But the sex wasn’t so bad so you figured, it won’t hurt. This getting sex without all the feelings and all. We are much more evolved now. And the booty call is usually never one-sided. We both know whether it is meaningful, or just a call to mate. However, if given a choice between two things we absolutely love – food and sex – what would you choose? There’s a new trend when it comes to dating called “foodie call”. So, a whole lot of women say yes to dates, just because you know, why reject a free meal?

If you think we’re shooting blindly in air, here’s some scientific research to support the claim. According to a research, by Brian Collisson, Jennifer Howell, and Trista Harig of Azusa Pacific University and UC Merced, that appeared in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, one in three women would say yes to a date, for food! Women who do this aren’t really interested in their date romantically. Oh we get that.

The women participating in the research were asked a series of questions to analyse their personality traits and beliefs about gender roles. It was found that women who believe in traditional gender roles found a foodie call socially accepted, and often indulged in it. First of all, who are these women and why were only they interviewed? Clearly, there needs to be more research on this.

It was also found that these women had more grey traits linked to deceptive and exploitative behaviour in romantic relationships. They also found that these women were likely to fake an orgasm. We don’t how, but probably because they are good at faking things? So, it’s also not ALL of us. Some of us actually go for the men. And that involves a lot of effort. Think about it. We have to think about the clothes, the makeup, shave the legs, remember to buy protection etc. etc.

However, researchers would also like people to note that the foodie calls can happen in any type of relationship, and aren’t limited to women. That friend who always asks you to catch up for dinner, and conveniently *forgets* to carry her wallet? Yup, you’ve been foodie called!

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Do you think foodie calling a dude to get free food is okay? We feel that’s just another way of playing with someone’s feelings. Plus, ladies, if we have been working hard towards establishing equality between men and women, why assume that the guy should pay the bill? We’re sure, each one of us can afford to pay for ourselves. But then again, that’s another issue altogether.


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