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A 24-Year-Old Woman Asked Men To Fill Out An Application Form To Be Her First Kiss. She Want It, She Got It

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People usually remember their first kiss, often exactly how it was. With nostalgia plastered across their face, they slip into the memories of their first, while describing it like it happened just yesterday. I, on the other hand, don’t remember it at all. I remember who it was with but I don’t remember the moment although I am pretty sure it must have been fuzzy and warm, if not quite sexy. Thankfully, my first kiss wasn’t an asshole and we are still cordial with each other, sans all the teenage-y feelings.

So I believe that the firsts of anything, are just hyped by some of us sentimental fools, but there’s nothing quite emotional about it. Like hey, you will break up with your first love or the person you shared your first with. Life goes, you kiss several other people until you stop at a pair of lips you wanna kiss forever. So if you ask me, get senti about the last one. Even if the guy at the top of your chronology was an ass, it’s okay, that doesn’t “ruin” anything. Plus, it’s not like the first time you kiss, there will be unicorns performing a ritualistic dance around you will stars fill the sky to witness your amateur tongue tennis.

However, to each his own. A 24-year-old who waited all this while to kiss for the first time decided to finally do a swayamwar sort of a thing to pick the worthy one of all. M’Lynn Martin hailing from San Diego, California took to TikTok to share her virtual romantic story, in which she finally met the guy who’d be her first kiss.

Apparently, she received tons of applicants from “all over the place” but she opted for Ian because he seemed the best! Now, maybe I am too old for this but I honestly don’t understand who these people are applying from “all over the place” willing to go out of the way for just a kiss with a stranger. Like I understand M’Lynn wanted the best for her first kiss. So what if she isn’t in a relationship? Should she not start her kisses savings account? Instead of kissing a random dude at a club, who probably smells like onion rings and old monk, maybe find someone who matches your requirements. But what about those guys? Do they have no options in their offline world?

She went quite professionally through the process. The participants had to fill up a form and the information required included “their current relationship with M’Lynn, what they would like it to look like in the future and why they wanted to be her first kiss.” They were also required what they were looking for: “’a session’ with no time limit, a few minutes of kissing or just one or two kisses to get M’Lynn ‘past the first kiss stage’.”

M’Lynn said: “Last month I created an application where people could apply to be my first kiss because I was 24 and I had never had my first kiss before. I decided to post it to the internet and my friends, family and TikTok went nuts. People started applying from all over the place. I picked a stranger named Ian because he by far had the best application. And he is also the younger brother of one of my college professors which is just so funny that I had to choose him.”

But it wasn’t risky at all, considering the pandemic. She went to LA to meet him but both of them got tested for COVID before kissing. She said, “This week we both got COVID tested, passed with negative results, and got ready to kiss!”

She shared an assortment of videos, taking us through the entire process. From her scrolling through the applications, walking into the covid testing center, showing the result, and even finally meeting Ian.

As she sat in the front seat of a car with her date, they leaned in for a kiss and the clip faded out. Netizens have been wanting them to start dating but nothing’s confirmed so far.

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It may not be a kiss that she will remember out of sentimentality but she should remember it for how confident and relentless she has been through it all. M’Lynn should remember her first kiss because she wanted it, so she didn’t sit around waiting for a man who may or may not be an asshole to come kiss her. She didn’t wait for things to happen. She knew what she was looking for and she went for it. It’s like watching The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Who said women can’t make the first move? M’Lynn just kissed empowerment and how.

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