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8 Things To Do With Your Sister This Weekend Instead Of Hitting The Mall

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Weekend is coming up, and you will finally have time for some sister love. Because, with our busy lives, when else do we get the time to catch up with our sibling? But, do you have a plan for the weekend other than going out to the mall for a shopping spree? To buy things neither you nor your sister need? Is it either that, or sitting at home, getting bored out of your wits? There’s a lot you can do with your darling sister that doesn’t involve spending your money on things you don’t need! Here are 8 things you can do to make your weekend count:

Have a movie marathon

Get in your favourite PJs, and get the popcorn out.

Go for a spa date

Who doesn’t love a day of pampering? And what better than to share that day with your favourite person?


Get drinks, and catch up with each other!

You know, like actually talk. Have a heart to heart.

Go out for a swim, or a partner workout sesh

Get fit while you chill together!

Take a mini vacation

Time to scan tripadvisor for quick weekend getaways from your city.

Or a staycation

If you can’t get out of the city for some reason, you can always get a room in a hotel for one night.

Get your friends together, and host a game night

Your friends, her friends, and a few rounds of taboo?


Cook a meal for your parents

How about including them in your weekend plans for a change?


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