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8 Tell-Tale Signs Your Ex Is Not Over You Yet

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A breakup doesn’t always mean that there are no feelings left. Sometimes, people break up with each other even when they still love or like each other because of myriad reasons. Sometimes, they break up and later rekindle the lost love. In this day and age, where exes don’t always completely cut off from each other, how do you know if it is simple courteous friendliness or if your ex isn’t over you yet? Well, here are some tell-tale signs that your ex still has feelings for you.

1. They call you just to say hi

This is code for ‘I miss you,’ if you haven’t figured that out already. You call to say hi to friends. To cousins who live abroad. To former colleagues. Not an ex. Unless, of course, the ex is also a friend.

2. They call to share exciting news about their life

They want to share with you the good things that happen to them… just like the old times!

3. They call you when something goes wrong

You know what this is? This is them still trying to use you as an emotional anchor. Don’t fall for it.

4. They avoid places the two of you used to visit together

This isn’t because they suddenly hate the place now, or never quite liked it to begin with. This is them avoiding memories of you.

5. They seem to be on a dating spree

If they haven’t taken the time to slow down and process things, and have been dating one new person after another, chances are it’s because they’re still thinking of you all the time, and are just looking for some distraction.

6. They don’t like the new person you’re with

They may be telling you that you deserve better, but beware! Is it because you really do, or is it that by “better” they mean themselves?

7. They can’t stand the thought of being with someone else 

They’re off the dating market and are not interested in talking to another soul who is a potential love interest. Ever. Not now. Not tomorrow. Not next year. Not ever. They are done with relationships, and it’s all thanks to thoughts of you still haunting them.

8. They have told you so 

Thankfully, there are people who are direct, even if it means putting aside their ego, and being truly vulnerable in front of an ex.


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