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8 Signs It’s Time To Have “The Talk” With Bae

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The big, fancy proposal by the riverside, or with the Eiffel Tower in the background happens only in the movies. No, really. It’s not practical, the intensity that is sold to us in the form of the proposal on screen. IRL, the decision to marry is a mutual one, and a progression of a relationship. You know when things are getting serious. You can tell. And while the man may still be the one to go down on one knee, any of the two parties can initiate a conversation around the m-word. Are you wondering if it’s time for you to have “the talk” with bae? Here’s are 8 telling signs that maybe, just may be, you guys are ready to take this to the next level.


1. You spend most of your time together, and very little of it involves sex.

If sex has become a part of your relationship, and not just the centre of it, and if, despite this, you are spending most of your time together, then that’s a sign that both of you genuinely want each other around!

2. Everybody in your life knows about them, and everyone in their life knows about you.

This everyone includes the maids, the driver, the neighbour and their uncle. Point is, you don’t hide your relationship from anybody. You don’t see why you should.


3. It is assumed that if one of you is invited to an event, the other one is, too.

You are no longer just a date he brings to events. The host assumes that you will be there because now, you are a part of a duo.

4. You’ve questioned the relationship at least once, and decided that it is truly and genuinely something you want.

Doubt is not only natural, but important in deciding who you’d want to spend your life with! If you have had doubts, and worked through them, then you have come out stronger as a couple! This also means that your desire to be with them is genuine and not the result of what is called the “honeymoon phase”.


5. You’ve been around each other in pyjamas and morning breath, and are no longer embarrassed about it.

You don’t care about showering or dressing up anymore. Your relationship is past all that, and has become comfortable and secure enough for you to just be with each other!

6. You feel ill at ease when you spend time apart.

Like one does when they are away from home. You may be perfectly functional, but it just doesn’t feel like home when they’re not around.


7. Everybody tells you you seem happy.

If the people who love you and care about you can see it, then you genuinely must be happy. Pay heed to it.

8. You can’t wait to start your life together!

The thought excites you, and you can’t wait for the day you have a home with a nameplate with your name, and his name on it!


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