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8 Signs It’s Time For You To Stop Chasing That Guy

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Are you always the one calling, and making plans with that guy you like? Maybe he’s a little flirty, but something seems off. You just can’t figure out if he likes you or not, but one thing you’re clear about are your feelings for him. You like him, and for the moment, that’s all that matters. So you ignore the red flags, and keep reaching out to him. But maybe, it’s time to pause and take stock. Are you wasting your time? Here are 8 signs that you may just be!

He doesn’t take initiative

There’s only one reason why a guy won’t call or text you, or make a plan to see you: He doesn’t want to. So, stop wasting your time, darling!

stop_chasing_that_guy_You_ are_ becoming_ borderline_obsessive_ about_ impressing

You are becoming borderline obsessive about impressing him

It’s one thing to not be able to stop thinking about someone you are really into. But, if you find yourself adjusting your life around him, and thoughts of him, and are plagued by wanting to figure out how to impress him, then that’s a red flag. Clearly, he is making you feel unworthy.

Your friends don’t think much of him

If all your close friends diss him, then they are seeing something you’re not. Look closer.

stop_chasing_that_guy_He_ blows_ hot_cold

He blows hot and cold

You can’t build a relationship based on inconsistency. One must either be there, or not. How will you ever be able to feel safe around him if he blows you off whenever it suits him?

He is up for hanging out indoors, but doesn’t seem to want to be seen with you

He only wants one thing, and the word starts with the letter S. If that’s what you want as well, great, but if that’s the only connection you guys have, then, it’s not enough.

stop_chasing_that_guy_He doesn’t care much for proper dates(2)

He doesn’t care much for proper dates; you know, the dinners and drinks, movies, and late night drives

Chill and Netflix is alright, but if you’re looking for something more than just fooling around, then you’ve got to do things that involve more than just… well, fooling around.

He’s always too busy to call, or to respond to your calls

Nope. Nobody is ever that busy. Once in a while, sure. But, if it happens more often than not, then he is telling you that you are not on his list of priorities.

stop_chasing_that_guy_doesn’t seem to care if you don’t call or text him for days

He doesn’t seem to care if you don’t call or text him for days

If you really want to test out a guy, back off, and don’t reach out to him for a few days. If you mean anything at all to him, he will come crawling to you. If not, well, you have your answer.


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