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8 Problems Almost All Couples Face In The First Year Of Their Marriage

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As revered as marriage is in our country, it is ironic that nobody teaches us how to deal with it. You may be marrying for love, or through an arranged setup, the first couple of years of marriage are difficult for all couples. So much so that most divorces occur in the first two years! If you just got married, or are soon to be married, then this list of 8 problems almost all couples face during the first year of marriage:


1. Figuring out household chores and responsibilities

You may have been dating for a long time, but how do you know who likes to do what, and who’s good at what, around the house, unless you’ve lived together? This is one of the most common disagreements newlyweds have. So, if you find yourself fighting about who is going to take the trash out, know that you’re not alone!

2. Forgetting the romance

Sometimes, when we get married, we get complacent. We think that we have got the person we wanted, and we no longer need to impress them. So, we stop trying to make them feel special. At other times, we get bogged down by daily responsibilities and lose the motivation to keep the romance alive!


3. Not being communicative enough

Communication – about both good and bad – is crucial at any stage of the relationship. But, when you get married, it becomes all the more important because there is more room for miscommunication!

4. Avoiding important issues and fights

We are told that compromise is the essence of marriage. But, it’s important to not over-compromise, and stay silent about things that matter to you!


5. Money issues

Money is something couples fight about at different stages of their marriage. But, in the first year, this can seem like a bigger deal than it has to be. One of the most common fights is about spending habits – inevitably, one person thinks that the other overspends. But, if marriage is about balance and complementing each other, then can we figure out an arrangement where one is the spendthrift, and the other is the one who saves?

6. Adjusting to the new roles

You are not just a spouse. You are now a daughter / son / sister / brother – in-law, too. To your friends, you are the married one. You now have a marriage to balance with your work and other obligations. Marriage is a readjustment of your whole life, and not only with regards to your relationship with your spouse. Of course, this will lead to tension, which will lead to fights!


7. Fighting about in-laws

Again, one of the most common fights couples have! The key is to be honest, open, and kind. Also, ask yourself how you’d like them to treat your parents, and how you’d like your in-laws to treat you, and let that guide you as you try to set up healthy boundaries.

8. Finding the balance between “me” and “we”

While marriage doesn’t demolish your individual identity, it does give you a new one to balance. This new identity is the one you have as someone’s one half. Finding the balance between the two can be a daunting task, but it is not impossible.


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