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8 Hilarious Things You’ll Relate To If You’re The Youngest One In Your Family

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Being the youngest one in the family can be so much fun! Well, for the most part at least. There are some wonderful things, most of the family members pamper you, you get the biggest piece of cake and all that. Of course, it comes with not some not-so-great ones like you’ll always wonder if your parents had you just to keep your older sibling entertained and off their backs. Either way, here are 8 things you’ll relate to if you’re the youngest in the fam.

Nobody takes you seriously

You’ve an opinion and it doesn’t count for anything. You’re also the youngest, so your opinion is dismissed.

Inpost- Youngest Siblings

You live on hand-me-downs

But, are you complaining? Most of the clothes in your wardrobe are clothes stolen from your elder sibling anyway. This is just making it official.

Your rebellion doesn’t faze them all that much

They’ve seen it all! And they are just going to be watching stumble your way to adulthood.

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Your parents aren’t as strict with you

You are allowed to slack on deadlines, you get leeway with mistakes, basically, by the time it comes to you, they’re done being strict. Your siblings got the worse of it.

You always have someone to seek advice from

From career to love life, navigating life is so much easier when you’ve someone who can help you out.

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And to take the fall for all your goof-ups!

Come on! Give your older sibling the credit where it’s due

You take cues from observing how your parents and siblings interact

You imbibe the values, the tone and you learn a lot by just being around them. And for this, you are wiser beyond your years! Or maybe not.

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Sharing your space, things, and emotions comes easy to you because you’ve done it from the day you were born

You don’t always want to share, but you do it anyway.


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