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8 Guys Reveal What They Secretly Love About Their BAE. And The Answers Will Surprise You!

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Dear men, enough with the boring, age ol’ tripe about women being all difficult to understand. We are generally an expressive bunch, especially when it comes to love. We tell our boyfriends (even the ones that exist only in our heads) what we like about them. But guys can be confusing. We meticulously put on makeup and then one fine day he reveals that it is the just-out-of-the-bed look that makes him go cray cray. What? How? Guessing what’s really in his mind is like solving a Rubik’s Cube. To make your (and our) life easier, we asked eight guys what they secretly love about their girlfriends. And we heard some of the cutest things here!

“I love it when I sing and she breaks into a funny dance. My girl is so goofy, I love it!” – Varun

“Sometimes when she calls me with a new random nickname, I act like I hate it. But secretly it gives me butterflies!” –  Rudra

“When we are watching Netflix and I look towards her and she is already waiting to be kissed. Love is just so effortless with her.” – Sumit

“My girlfriend is very careful when she’s out with others. But with me, she lets go of herself and has fun because she feels so safe! I love how trusted she makes me feel.” – Vinit

“She is so mischievous otherwise but she sleeps with the most innocent look on her face. I tease her that she looks like a hen and she gets mad at me for it. But honestly, it’s the look I’d like to wake up to, forever!”  – Deep

“When in a conversation, she gets mad at me sometimes because I am hardly talking. But I like listening to her because she looks so adorable when she animatedly tells me about her day.” – Rohit

“I love and respect her for being the independent woman that she is. She moved cities at the age of 16, all by herself. From finding a college to a job to sustain herself, she’s done so much and that’s amazing!”  – Karan

“My girlfriend is truly understanding and compassionate. She cares for me more than she cares for herself and it’s so evident. She taught me what selfless love truly is.” – Siddhant


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