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7 Ways To Deal When Your BFF Turns Into Bridezilla!

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As the bride’s best friend, you have a lot of responsibility! You might end up feeling that you’re just as stressed as she is, but make no mistake. She’s the bride, and that means that she has to keep up a smiling face and a jovial mood even if she may be gritting her teeth silently. Now, as the maid of honour, you might have a long list of tasks, but you certainly don’t have all this emotional burden! With both, and more on her plate, the chances of your bff going Bridezilla on you are fairly high! And when she does, here’s what you’ve got to do:

Don’t dismiss her feelings

Don’t play it down. Everybody else will do that for her, and she needs someone who can tell her, “I get how you feel.” Be that person for her.

Make her laugh

There’s humour in the most adverse situations if you know how to find it. This is not an adverse situation. This is an emotional one. Certainly, there’s a lot to laugh about!

Distract her

Take her out for a drink that’s not a bachelorette celebration. It’s a drink you share for a drink’s sake. Or, shopping, for that matter. Or, a meal. Or, a walk even. Do something to take her mind off the wedding bells.

Sit and reminisce with her

She may be giving everyone hell, but trust that it’s because she’s terrified of leaving her “old” life behind. Be patient, and sit and reminisce the old times.

Indulge her with a spa day

Because she needs it. She needs to relax, and you telling her this flat out just won’t work. So, make it happen in a subtle way. A nice, long massage away from home will do her good.

Play buffer between her and anyone who is getting on her nerves

Whether that’s relatives or colleagues or acquaintances, volunteer to steer them away from her if you see her seething, while trying to hold a conversation.

Focus on having fun

That’s the one thing she needs the most, but the Bridezilla in her is not letting her have fun! This is where you’re most needed, dear friend.



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