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7 Warning Signs That Reveal That He is Just Playing With You

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You’ve been flirting with this guy, who makes your heart race. From drunken dates to steamy, hot makeout sessions, everything with him is so exciting. He gives you a dopamine rush, and you’re excited. But then just as things start to escalate, they also start to, kind of not. He is hot and cold; he says he likes you but there’s no commitment. You think he wants to take it slow (ah, the lies we tell ourselves) and eventually you guys will get there, but there hasn’t been much progress exactly. Except in bed! If you’re not sure of where this is heading and probably think all that affection is a farce, here are 7 signs that show he is just playing with you.

  1. His affection isn’t constant

One moment he is affectionate with you, tells you how much you mean to him. Next moment, he has already back-peddled to taking it slow. His feelings are vacillating and you don’t know what to make of it. Back off, you’re heading to the heartbreak zone here.

  1. He emphasises that he is single

Okay, so you guys aren’t committed yet. But it’s not cool to assert the fact in front of every human that he is not taken. This means that he is simply looking for better options. Don’t be his backup!

  1. You don’t see much of his friends

If he tells you that you’re an important part of his life, and yet none of his people know of your existence – it’s a major red flag! If he thinks you’re rather temporary, like the other girls he is seeing, why would he include you in his circle? Think about it.

  1. He hardly calls you

While many guys use the excuse that they don’t like talking on calls *eye roll*, when they’re really into someone, they make the effort. If he is only staying in touch via texts, he’s probably not that into you. It’s so much easier to talk with multiple people via texting.

  1. He is secretive

You’d think you know him well. You know his poison, the fact that he loves pav bhaji and that he is a techie. But do you really know him? If he has never shared anything about his childhood, his whereabouts, friends, family etc, then you’ve just scratched the surface! He is keeping his guard up because he isn’t really close to you.

  1. He shows no interest in your people, career, health, etc

When you start talking about your day at work, disinterest is plastered all over his face. If you talk about your folks, he conveniently changes the topic to something, anything else. A guy who is interested in you genuinely would like to know all about you. If all he is interested in is flirtatious and dirty talk, you know where this is heading.

  1. He flirts with other women on social media

Stalk his social media (pretty sure you’ve done it already) and see how he interacts with attractive women. You will be surprised to know that the incredible compliments he showers on you, aren’t exactly exclusive. What does this mean for you? It means he’s still fishing! Don’t get hooked.


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