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7 Topics Of Conversation That Make The First Date Really Awkward

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First dates are make or break. You can be out with someone you have zero potential of a relationship with, yet have a great time the first time around. Or, you can completely ruin a first date with someone who could’ve been ”the one” by making rookie mistakes. One of these mistakes is talking about things that are off-limits when you’re out with someone the first time. Don’t be that guy. Steer clear of these conversation topics on a first date:

1. Religious or political beliefs

These may sound simple, but often, our beliefs are more complex than simply being an atheist or not, leftist or right-winged. Let it unfold with time.

2. The weather

It’s a safe topic. But, it’s damn boring and has zero character! Weather is what people talk about when they have nothing else to talk about. If that’s how you’re date seems to be going, then might as well get the cheque already and leave!

3. Your ex(es)

Too personal for a first time meeting. Stories about your exes should not be the tool to get to know each other. It should be something that sort of casually comes up as one of the things about you once you’ve gotten to know each other at least a bit.

4. All the awful fights your parents had when you were growing up

Sometimes we may feel the need to vent. Your date is not the person to vent to. So, hold off on this one until it becomes true, meaningful sharing rather than you simply looking for a shoulder to cry on.

5. Money

It’s crass. It’s unclassy. It’s petty. And it’s totally unnecessary.


6. Health issues

Unless it’s mosquito season and you have a story of how you got malaria or dengue, you’re better off keeping gross details of infections to yourself. For now, at least. After you’ve gone to an actual relationship, grossing them out is completely acceptable.

7. Your sexual kinks

Again, unless it is decidedly a plain and simple hook-up with zero interest of anything more from either of you, don’t talk about your kinks and fantasies just yet. Take it slow. Let things unfold at their own pace.



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