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7 Tips To Give Your Best Friend Before She Has Sex For The First Time

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They say you learn from your experiences. But what if you have no experience in it, but your bestie does?  The gods of BFFhood demand that you share your experiences with your BFF and guide them when they are lost. Especially when this involves your best friend having sex for the first time. It can be a scary and terrifying experience not knowing what to expect from first-time sex. What she really needs at this point is a friend who knows what first-time sex feels like. And if her go-to friend is you, go ahead and be the love and sex guru she needs. Prep her up before sex with these useful sex tips.

No protection, no sex

It doesn’t matter how in love she is, let her know (at the risk of sounding preachy) that she must take no chances there. Sex without condom can give her a baby, and/or STD. And if none of those are on her goal-list for the year, make protection a priority. If she loves it, ask her to put a condom on it!

Feel confident in your skin, but take a shower!

It’s okay to pull each other’s leg but when it comes to encouragement, BFFs should uplift each other. Let her know that her imperfections shouldn’t bother him or her. The more confident she is, the better the sex will be. But of course, taking a shower and smelling good hasn’t hurt anyone, right?

Prioritise your orgasms

No more faking orgasms! If she isn’t able to get one, it’s not abnormal and she shouldn’t feel anxious about it. But let her know that she should take charge of her orgasms and communicate with him about what gets her going. That’s the only way after all.

Pee after sex

You wouldn’t want your best bae to come glowing from a great night of sex, but dying a little every time she goes to pee. Because if she doesn’t pee right after sex, she might catch a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). And that’s never on anyone’s wishlist!

Don’t feel obliged to spend the night!

You know those nights when even though the sex was great, all you wanna do is retire on your own bed, alone? Yeah, that’s true for everyone, especially if the relationship is new. If she feels the same way, let her know that waking up together is not a compulsion. Neither is having the awkward brekky talk.

Keep the difficult sex positions for later

If you have slightly more experience that your BFF, then you must know how sore you get after trying the more difficult positions. But now she can learn from your little experiments in bed. Encourage her to go for the easier ones first, like the missionary and keep for doggy when she is not an amateur.

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Don’t keep your expectations too high

We walk into first-time sex with so many expectations, that a lot of us walk out disappointed. Which is why, as her BFF, you should let her know that the first time might not be perfect, especially because she is quite a newbie. If mishaps happen, laughing it off may lead to more fun and cuddling and eventually more sex! So it isn’t that bad after all!


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