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7 Subtle Signs That He Actually Does Care For You, A Lot!

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While men may collectively have declared that women are difficult to understand, I think we’re pretty clear cut. We are an expressive lot and when we care for someone, the world knows! Men, on the other hand, aren’t known to be the most easy-to-read folks. Which is why, most of us are left guessing about how they really feel about us. And we are often left pulling petals out of flowers trying to figure it all out. Don’t worry ladies, we have got your back. A genuine guy shows care through his actions and he’s usually not even aware that he’s letting out the clues. But we know actions speak louder than words, so here are 7 subtle signs that show how much he cares for his bae!

He doesn’t deprive you of sleep

When during a phone call at night, he cuts the conversation short for you to get some sleep, it’s his way of showing he cares. When they do that, we probably get mad at them because we really really want to talk, even though we’re sleepy! You know what’s really romantic instead? He letting you sleep so you don’t have to feel like a zombie the next day. That’s real care!

He remembers the little details

If he really cares about you, he has an assigned space in his head for all things you! Your favourite cocktail, a movie you’ve been looking forward to, and your undying love for cats…everything has been noted. If he starts sending you cat memes when you’re stressed at work, know that he remembers the little bits of otherwise useless information you give out. His mental file system is literally brimming with you, you and you!

He follows up

Guys aren’t good listeners, unless they really care for you. When you tell him about your friend’s new crush or that annoying superior in your office, he doesn’t leave things at that. He is invested in your stories and will ask you about how things proceeded!

He walks on the outside of the sidewalk

If he always walks on the outside of the sidewalk, it means he is protective of you. It’s like a natural instinct and is super sweet if you think of it!

He wants to make your life easier, without making a big deal out of it

There are guys who help you out, and expect a big thank you speech in return. They do good deeds, to basically be worshipped. But if a guy genuinely cares for you, he does things for you in silence. Like taking the cheque when he knows you have exceeded your budget that month and are basically broke!

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He carries your bag when you’re tired

The reason most men don’t carry bags, is because they like being hands-free! But when you’re tired of holding your bag, he offers to carry it, even though it’s highly feminine, it’s just him showing he cares. It’s not because he wants to act all brawny and strong but because he cares about you. It’s always you over rest of the world.

He feeds you when you’re hungry

When you meet him post-work, feeling hungry like a baby Godzilla, he takes you out where you can devour all the food you want. But you get so engrossed in venting about a tough day at work that by the food comes, you’re already in the middle of the most interesting part of your story. And then he feeds you so you can focus on talking. Such teamwork!



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