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7 Signs Your Friends Don’t Like Your SO

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In an ideal world, your friends and your SO would be best of friends! They would all be super fond of each other, and would get along like a house on fire. But guess what? We don’t live in an ideal world. Relationships, IRL, are often messy, and quite commonly, our friends don’t become pally with our SO. While it’s okay for them to not be one big voluntary family, when the reason behind it is that your friends just don’t like your partner, things can get even more complicated (sounds exhausting, right?). Now, of course, if none of your friends are fond of your current beau, it may be a red flag, but let’s leave that for another day. For now, the task at hand is to figure out if the resistance you feel is simply because adult life is hectic and we all have too many things that demand our attention, or is it that they don’t like the one you’re courting. Here are 7 signs it may be the latter:


1. They are never too keen to make plans for all of you to hang out together

They may be thrilled as always to hang out with JUST you, but when it comes to making plans that involve your SO, their enthusiasm seems to fizzle out. They’re always either too busy or too tired to catch up.


2. They keep asking you if you are happy

Almost as if they have assumed that you are not! If they believe you are happy, this won’t be a question that needs asking. But, if they feel that your partner makes you unhappy, they may keep bringing up the issue, hoping that you’ll open up to them.


3. They always encourage you to go after your heart’s desire

The best of relationships require some amount of compromise. Friends, when they want your relationship to thrive, will tell you to do what it takes to make things work. But, if they want something else for you, they will tell you to look out for your interest, whether that means taking up that job in another city, or seeing other people.


4. They encourage you to meet other people

Speaking of seeing other people, don’t be surprised if they actively try to set you up with someone else, knowing fully well that you are dating someone. This either means that they want to sabotage your relationship, which in turn means that they don’t have your best interest at heart; or, this means that they think you can do better! You pick.


5. They don’t try to become friends with your SO

Your friends will want to welcome someone who makes you happy with open arms. But, if they are lukewarm around your partner, take that as a sign of their ambivalence. They are, at best, not sure about how they feel about this person.


6. They don’t stay for long when they are invited to an event by you and your SO

You take the high road and take initiative to facilitate some sort of a relationship between your friends and your SO. Your friends may be too polite to decline an invitation, but if you see them leaving before they otherwise would, pay heed to it. It’s telling you something.


7. They have told you so

The best of friends don’t have the time for niceties, and will tell you upfront what they think. If you have these friends, consider yourself lucky, and may be give your current beau a rethink. Your friends are looking out for you!


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