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Should You Move In Together Before Marriage? 7 Signs You’re Ready To Take This Step

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Moving in together is a big step, and one that should not be taken impulsively. It’s like a marriage but without the legal paperwork. Living together means more emotional investment. It means that you will be seeing each other in pyjamas and morning breath, cranky and exhausted, lazy and moody. It means that your relationship will take a step forward, and will require more patience, more understanding, and more commitment. How do you know if you’re ready for all that? Let us tell you.

1. You spend most of your time together anyway

You hang out after work, and spend most nights together, if that’s an option. If that’s not an option, you look for excuses to take vacations so that you can wake up next to each other!


2. You are financially honest with each other

If you are going to set up a home (and a life) together, you should be comfortable enough to discuss your finances honestly. Who makes how much? How will you split the rent? What’s a manageable monthly budget for you? Don’t let money come in the way of love!

3. You know and get along alright with each other’s loved ones

If you are going to live together, then that means you will also merge your social circles. Your parents and siblings will visit. Friends will come over and hang out with you. As a cohabiting couple, you will be required to open up your house for each other’s loved ones, and not just your own!

4. You don’t have a rosy idea of what it’s going to be like to live together

If you think living together means breakfast in bed, and a feast for dinner, a picture-perfect house, and sex all day and all night, then you’re not ready to make the move! Living together means being woken up by impatient maids, keeping hisaab, and dirty dishes in the sink. Get real!

5. You are ready for “growing pains”

No matter how well you may know each other, you will get to know new sides! When you’re dating – regardless of how long – you only get to see each other’s best. The dressed up, cheerful, hopeful sides. When you start living together, you’ll see all of it – the sloppiness, the moodiness, the crankiness, and whatnot. Are you ready for it?


6. You’ve been together for at least 6 months, if not a year

Anything before that is too premature. You may be convinced that you have a soul connection with this person, but give the honeymoon phase some time to cool off. Because, that’s what those butterflies in your stomach are!

7. You understand why you are taking this decision

Why live together and not get married? Why move in together at all? What are your reasons for taking this decision, which, BTW, in our country, is not an easy one? More importantly, are both of you on the same page about it?


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