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7 Signs His Feelings For You Are Getting Stronger

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When we start speaking with a guy, there’s no warning whether it will lead to something meaningful or not. It’s not like all women are just waiting here for just any guy to offer us commitment. But when we find someone we vibe with and we are emotionally ready to take on a relationship, we get excited to know it is leading someplace nice. I just want things to move but not in circles; I hate it when things get stagnant. I understand you can’t just let your judgement get clouded by hormones and the intoxicated three dates you had with him. But how many hours can you invest in talking to him without coming closer? I begin to lose all that interest I had in him initially.

Having said that, when things really begin to move and every once in a while, you look at your connection and you realise, you’ve crossed another milestone – it feels so damn good! The butterflies in your tummy flutter but at the same time, it’s not just mere attraction anymore. You begin to feel more secure and reach a plateau phase of peace and joy. How do we know if the wheels of our romance are accelerating ahead? Here are signs that your man is getting serious about you.

1) He shares a lot with you

I know some people who can’t stop talking, even if there is absolutely no participation from your end. This sign doesn’t apply to those peeps. If at this point, you can create a character sketch of all people in his life and know all the interesting bits that happened, he likes you.

2) He doesn’t hide it from his social circle

It goes both ways. I would not introduce a guy I don’t see potential in to my friends. And even if they know of his existence, he will not know they know. There won’t be any meet-ups and I will definitely not get romantic with him, in front of my social circle. If he likes to pamper you in front of his friends, he is more serious for you than he cares to admit.

3) He has been anticipating future plans

You’ve been refraining from making any future references and then one fine day, it just happens so organically. He says something like, ‘Babe, you wanna do Goa for New Year’s?’ and you’re like ‘woah, did he just make plans with me?’ He’s hoping you’d stick around and also, we don’t make plans with casual romances!

4) He cares about your needs

When our feelings aren’t involved, we are selfish to some extent. We care about what we want and whether the other person is able to give us that. But when we fall for someone, we naturally start caring about their needs more. We want to be able to give them what they need. Like if he figures that you’ve had a bad day and that you’re someone who likes to talk it out, he will make sure he is there to hear you. If you want more affection from him, he wants to give it to you.

5) He wants to be your go-to person

When a guy begins to see you as his girl, he wants to be your guy. He wants to be the person you go to when you are excited about something. He wants to hear your funny stories, be the shoulder you seek when you want to cry and the person you want to make plans with. He wants to be more than a guy in your DMs.

6) Your affection fixes his bad mood

Just speaking with you makes him feel better. Hugging you tight makes him feel like he’s home. When you brush his hair, he wants that moment to never stop. How can you tell? It’s the way he looks at you with the sweetest sadness in his eyes and how he seeks no one else but you to hold when dark clouds fill his day.

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7) He is there for the difficult, ugly bits too

When you get moody and let your insecurities take over, he doesn’t act like he isn’t responsible for your feelings. Even if you get annoying, he sticks around and it doesn’t reduce his attachment with you. When you get drunk and puke your intestines out, he holds you hair and rubs your back. He knows your flaws and he knows how to work around them as much as he knows you will work around his.

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