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7 Signs He Is An Insecure Guy

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All of us are insecure in varying amounts about different things. Some of us are more aware of ourselves which means we at least try to understand and fix our insecurities. But some of us have no idea what an ass we are being to others and they have nothing to do with our issues. I feel for those men, I really do. I wish I could fix them but I don’t want to try. It’s really not my business to go around giving charity mending to people who either don’t want it or would resist it. Usually, we end up more damaged than the guy we were trying to help and heal.

In an ideal world, if I fall in love with an insecure guy who goes around being an ass, I’d be able to take his hand and herald him on the path of self-assurance. He’d change and be better. But in reality, a guy will not fix his insecurities unless there’s self-realisation. Without that, you’re just walking right into a torture cell.

Anyhoo, whether you are up for a challenge or not, here’s how you can identify if he is an insecure guy.

  1. He likes to blow his own trumpet

A guy who is truly that amazing doesn’t need to sit and sing his own praises in front of you. It’s an insecure guy if he is trying to desperately convince you that he has the intelligence, power and influence. In reality, he is trying to convince himself. He thinks if he sells himself hard enough, he will start believing it too.

  1. He likes to mansplain you

I have met men who have so hideously try to mansplain me and I swear, I cannot handle a guy trying to feed his ego by trying to make me look dumb. A guy tried to teach about the existence of the United Nations, which well I am very well aware of. Another guy completely refused to take directions from me because how can a woman be right? Damn, these insecure guys have the nerve to treat you like you’re stupid.

  1. He loves raining on your parade

Whenever you get excited about something – a raise at work, successful completion of a project, achieving any target – he struts around very nonchalantly reducing your happiness with his snide remarks. Why would anyone be so stupid as to rain on someone’s parade? He is an insecure guy and feels uncomfortable with your progress.

  1. He hates criticism

If you’re comfortable with yourself, you will be able to handle criticism well. But if you tell an insecure guy that you didn’t like something he did, he will first deny all of it. Secondly, he will start shredding you to pieces just because you remotely said something that didn’t involve singing his praises.

  1. He claims to like you too much too soon

An insecure guy has an anxious attachment style and abandonment issues. He is afraid to lose whatever option he is getting. This is why he overdoes it and acts (subconsciously or consciously) that you mean the world to him. But you guys went out twice, what even? Well…if it feels too soon, it most probably is.

  1. He is jealous of your friends

Most insecure guys don’t have a close-knit circle of true friends. These guys live with a different image they like to show the world. This means they hardly have any friends who know them well. So when you do, it makes them jealous.

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  1. He doesn’t like your independence

Insecure guys get a major boost if a woman is dependent on them. You know so they can feel like they have an upper hand. But if you are out there, seeking a man not because you “need” him but you’d like an equal partner, it ruffles his misogynistic feathers. Too bad, such men can’t handle independent women and often go for the submissive kind. Here are some causes of insecurities.

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