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7 Signs He Feels Lucky To Have You

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Whenever I see a happy couple, I wonder what the secret of the success of their relationship is. And it seems like there’s no one single formula. Some people like the fact that they can be best friends with their partners. Some enjoy their partner’s undying romance and chivalry. Of course, trust and honesty are key elements too. But sometimes relationships – even those with love and loyalty – break because people tend to take each other for granted.

A guy may put you on a pedestal right from the chasing to the honeymoon phase. But once your relationship gets old, he gets too comfy and starts taking you for granted.  Soon you feel like he doesn’t value you and we know a woman will not stick around for long in such a relationship. But a guy who feels lucky to have you will never stop valuing you. Yes, the honeymoon phase passion may still cool off but your bond will only get stronger – like Ranveer-Deepika’s. Here are signs that he feels lucky to have you.

  1. He talks about your future together

And that’s because he really wants you to be in his future. He sees you as a quality investment – a partner who he loves and respects. He adores you and has made up his mind that you’re the kind of a woman he wants to be with, long-term.

  1. He doesn’t shy away from commitment

Commitment is scary territory and I say from experience. I have met guys who shiver like a drenched kitten when it comes to committing to anything that comes with a label other than ‘friends with benefits’. I have also been in the commitment phobia zone myself and it’s scary. But he has crossed that bridge for you because he cannot afford to lose you. He isn’t getting second thoughts because he knows you and he are perfect together. And in Jonas’s and Martha’s words, “never believe anything else.” Sorry, had to drop a Dark dialogue!

  1. And doesn’t hide your relationship either

If he did hide your relationship, I wouldn’t blame you if you were a little miffed, but it’s not you. It would be because he is a fuckboi. But this guy (not the fuckboi) is proud of who you are – your clumsiness, when you look like you need clothes in your video calls as much as your kind heart and achievements.


  1. His friends treat you with affection and respect

That’s because he has had the best of things to say about you. In fact, chances are they had to shut him up at some point. But anyway, a guy’s friends will treat you according to what he has told them about you. They know how much he respects you and values you. So they treat you like one of their own unless his friends are assholes. There are exceptions.

  1. He puts effort in spicing things up

A guy who feels lucky to have you doesn’t just keep you in his life as a trophy gathering dust in a glass case. He makes sure that he doesn’t offer a substandard version of himself that makes low-quality, dull, and mundane plans all the time. He wants things to be fun and exciting between you’ll – both mentally and sexually.

  1. He never gives up on you or stops trying to solve fights

A guy who values you will never threaten to end things or take a break from you when things get even slightly tough. If his 15-year-old self can stay up all night to solve math problems before his exams, as an adult he can put all that effort into fixing your equation.

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  1. He seems happier and more content after being with you

Sometimes, you don’t need words to know what your partner feels. And you can tell that he has been calm, content and generally happy ever since you’ll got together. The best part? So are you. There’s never a moment that you feel doubtful of his love and when he makes you feel like an abandoned cat. You may fight but you feel happy knowing that he loves you 3000.

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