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7 Relationship Resolutions That Will Make You Feel More Loved In 2019

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Most resolutions can be pretty selfish. Hear me out. Most of the time, they involve something we want to do for ourself.  While this is a good thing, great even, it could mean that it takes the focus off of the other relationships we have. What we’re trying to say is, come new year, we should also make resolutions that will make our relationships better! And not just the romantic ones, all of them. Here are 7 you can begin with.

  1. Say no to needless drama!

Drama sucks the energy out of you, that you could be using toward constructive goals and pursuits. You don’t need that in your life. Keep your relationships simple and drama-free so you can achieve all the wonderful things you are capable of!\


2. Be vocal about your feelings

Can we say goodbye to passive-aggressiveness this year? Or to the assumption that your bae should be able to read your mind? Get real. If you have something on your mind, say it.

3. Be honest, no matter how difficult it may seem

Honesty is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. You can’t be happy with someone if you don’t build a foundation of honesty and trust. Say the difficult things, to your parents, to siblings. Just say it.

4. Stay away from other people’s boyfriend or girlfriend

It’s disrespectful. It’s unclassy. And it’s totally out of line. Just don’t do it.

5. Learn not to be ashamed of your sexuality

Your sexuality is a healthy part of you. You don’t have to be all hush-hush about it.

6. Hug your loved ones

When was the last time you reached out and hugged someone you love? Maybe you’re a hug-sy person and like to do it, but as we grow up, we often miss out on these little joys. Besides, physical touch and affection has been shown to be important for our health and well-being.

7. Don’t make your boyfriend or girlfriend the centre of your existence!

You have family, friends, work, and your own personal interests. Find synergy between all of these. Learn to invest in all of them. Of course, you won’t be investing in each one equally, but having a boyfriend or girlfriend shouldn’t mean that you completely neglect the other areas of your life!


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