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7 Relatable Things That Happen If You Don’t Like Your Relatives

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There are two types of families in the world, the ones where everybody gets along and every occasion is an all out Bollywood musical product and the ones where nobody likes anyone and here weddings are mostly about tolerating each other with wan smiles. If you are among the latter, here are things you will totally relate to.


  1. Family functions are your least favourite thing in the world! And they mostly involve hanging around at the buffet counter trying to avoid eye contact with anyone.

2. You and your sibling don’t leave each other’s side at family gatherings

3. You either judge or envy people who do get along well with their extended family

4. You sometimes feel like you are living a double life, because there’s so much your cousins don’t know about you!

5. For you, friends are your extended family! And the ones you share all your life’s details, up and downs with.

6. You hate it when your parents discuss your life with your extended family.

7. And slowly, you begin to realise that the only family that matters is the family you feel loved by, and safe with!



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