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7 Not-So-Obvious Signs You’re Falling In Love With Him

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Love is a complicated thing. Sometimes, you just know that you love or are falling in love with someone. However, more often than not, it starts subtly, and before we know it, it hits us like a speeding bus. But, that’s because we didn’t pay attention to the not-so-obvious signs. Those are always there… love doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a feeling that builds up slowly, and then explodes. So, if you want to avoid the big explosion, take some time out to see these if you have been doing or feeling these things.

  1. You think of ways to make his day as good as it can be. You write him notes, sing him songs, click pictures about something you talked about. Anything that will put a smile on his face.

2. You want him to be a part of everything you do. If you enjoy a movie, you want him to watch it. You have an adventure, you want him to experience even it’s nothing he would ever do and it’s way out of his comfort zone.

3. You will talk about him to anyone who will listen. Best friends, friends, family and even your pet. People can make you stop but unfortunately, pets have to sit through it all.

4. You love all their weird quirks. Like their need to tap their feet when they are waiting. Or that they need to clean all cutlery at a restaurant. It’s definitely weird but when you are head over heels in love, it’s cute.

5. When you go out shopping, you look out for things that will look good on him. Or that you’d like to see him in.

6. His cologne drives you crazy. You recognise that smell and will snuggle against anything that smells like him. Like his shirt, or his sweatshirt.

7. Rom-coms remind you of him. People laughing in movies remind you of him. Smiling reminds you of him. Okay, we will cut this short. Anything reminds you of him.


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